Free Download Bad Piggies Game for Windows PC

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Hey guys, I’ve got a good news for all of you – the recently released Bad Piggies Game from Rovio is now also available for Windows PC. I had yesterday shared with you this game for Android, iOS and Mac platform, and fortunately, I’ve got my hands on an official download link of this game from where you can grab this game right away for free. Actually, it is now available for download from the official website of Bad Piggies, but I’ve recently noticed that it is now available for purchase from the official store of Rovio. Further, there is also a demo version which you can download now for absolutely free and enjoy a few initial levels of the game without paying anything for its full version. Before going to download it, let’s read a little about the storyline of the game and watch the little gameplay trailer which was released by Rovio some days ago :

Bad Piggies for Windows PC


Bad Piggies – The Storyline


As usual, the piggies are after the eggs of the birds once again. However, in this game, you are not actually supposed to play against the piggies, instead you are needed to help them to reach the eggs through flying, rolling, spinning, crawling and crashing machines (or you can call them as vehicles :P ). So, all you need to do in this game is to create such machines using different objects such as motors, fans, wings, balloons, bottle rockets, umbrellas and tons of other tools, through which the piggies can get to the eggs and steal them away. You will get to play over 60 spectacular levels filled up with complete adventure & fun, further – there are 30 additional puzzles which can be unlocked by scoring 3 starts in all the levels you’ve played. Apart from that, there are 4 amazing hidden sandbox levels which can be unlocked by collecting the skulls while playing different levels. Make sure to see the piggies flying, crawling, spinning & rolling towards the eggs :) .


Bad Piggies – The Official Gameplay Video



Download Bad Piggies for Windows PC


This new game from Rovio is now also available for Windows OS, so you can download & start playing on your desktop or laptop right away. It is supported on Windows 7, Vista and XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) but you will soon get to see a Windows 8 version of this game coming up. It requires your computer to have at least 1 GB of RAM, 1.5 GHz of CPU (Processor), 200 MB of available Hard Drive space and a DirectX9 compatible Graphics Card as well as a Sound Card. Although the full version of Bad Piggies costs $4.95 with a working activation key but you can download the demo version for completely FREE of cost. But the demo version will not allow you to play all the levels of the game, so I’ll recommend you to get an activation key for it by purchasing the full version. Anyways, you can download the demo version or purchase the complete version of Bad Piggies for Windows PC via the respective links provided below :

Free Download Bad Piggies Game for Windows PC (Demo Version)

Download Bad Piggies for Windows OS (Full Version) – $4.95

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Download for PC

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