Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy Note 2 – Which One is Better?

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The recent add up of a new Phablet from Samsung has now provided the Galaxy Note 2 a competitive device. People were expecting the Galaxy S4 as a smartphone but Samsung wanted to keep going on the Phablet way.

No doubt, people love the Phablets but that doesn’t mean Samsung should have done this with the Galaxy S4 as well. You can read the genuine review of the Galaxy S4 to know about how the device operates.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2

Here the topic is that which one you should buy, whether the Galaxy S4 or the Note 2. To know which one is good for you, read the following comparison.


Both the devices have got almost identical design that is similar to all high featured Galaxy smartphones. When I looked at the first time then I found nothing new in the Galaxy S4 design but when compared to Note 2 then I found that Samsung has just changed the position of elements like camera, LED flash light, speaker, etc, nothing fresh.


Galaxy Note 2 has got quad core processor with clock speed of 1.6GHz. The processor is provided with 2GB of RAM and a GPU for providing better graphics performance.

While the Galaxy S4 has got the latest eight core processer with clock speed of 1.6GHz. It also has the 2GB RAM and a quad core GPU inside. So looking at both specs, it is clear that S4 gives far better performance than Note 2.

While comparing the Galaxy S4 with Note 2 I found that multi tasking speed has been superb with the S4 but it is also good with Note 2.


The Note 2 has got the 5.5. inch measuring display with HD display with resolution of 720×1280 pixels while the S4 has got the 4.99 inch measuring display with full HD display resolution with resolution of 1080×190 pixels.

Both the devices have the Super AMOLED touch screen but there is difference in the pixel density. The Note 2 has got 267 ppi while Galaxy S4 has got 441 ppi pixel density. So the Galaxy S4 has got bigger and more gorgeous display.


Galaxy S4 is just a small model of Note 2, just kidding! Note 2 measures about 151.1 mm long, 80.5 mm wide and just 9.4 mm thick while the S4 measures 136.6 mm long, 69.8 mm wide and just 7.9 mm thick.

While doing the Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 comparison I found that S4 is lighter in weight despite of having an eight core processor. It weighs about 130 gram while Note 2 weighs about 183 gram.


Note 2 has got traditional high end smartphone’s 8MP rear camera while the S4 has got new 13MP rear camera. Both the camera are capable of recording full HD videos.

Galaxy Note 2 vs S4 - Back

Galaxy S4 has two unique camera features that are HDR and Dual Shot which is a feature using which you can record video with both the camera’s simultaneously.


Galaxy Note 2 was launched with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and it received an update for the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 while the S4 runs on Jelly Bean 4.2.2 which is the latest version. So Galaxy S4 has got some fresh apps while the Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t have them.


Both the devices have all the traditional high end smartphone’s data features but S4 has got Infra red as new feature which is not there in Note 2. Both the devices are capable of operating on LTE 4G cellular network.


Both the devices are available with 16, 32 and 64GB internal storage and also capable of having the microSD card of maximum 64GB size.

Battery Life

While doing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy S4 comparison I found that the battery life of Note 2 is better than of S4 as it is powered by a battery with higher mAh ratings.

Note 2 is available at price that is cheaper than Galaxy S4 because the S4 has all new eight core processor and 13MP camera as well that are better than of Note 2.


Now, you can buy the Note 2 if you want a high end feature smartphone but if you want to have even high performance then you should go for Galaxy S4. If you already have the Note 2 then you can go for the S4, just for the sake of improving performance but you won’t find any new app or feature.

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