How to Add or Insert Dislike and Middle Finger Emoticons in Facebook Chat?

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I have just logged into my Facebook account and saw a status update from one of my friends on inserting or adding a dislike and a middle finger emoticon in Facebook chat.

I always does have fun with Facebook chat by sending different expression based emoticons to my friends such as :D , :P , :) , :( , :O, ;) , :V, >:(, :/, :’(, ^_^, 8), B|, <3, 3:), O:), -_-, o.O, >:o, :3, (Y) etc.

Furthermore, Facebook had recently also introduced an official feature for the chat bar, which lets users input certain emoticons in your chat box instantly without having to type any code to input them in your chat box.

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But, what I have been feeling since the past few days that I need to have some new interesting emoticons which can bring out more fun than ever before, and fortunately I have found these two extra ordinary emoticons i.e. dislike and middle finger icons for Facebook chat.

Facebook Chat Emoticons

These two emoticons are based on the profile picture icon and fan pages’ image insertion in Facebook chat feature, and are being derived from the pages associated with the code which will be given to you later in this post.

Now, let’s go straight to the point and let me share with you those two codes which will let you put middle finger and dislike emoticons in FB chat instantly.

So, here goes the codes and a simple tutorial on how to insert them in your Facebook chat box :

(1) First of all, hover your mouse on your chat bar and click on a person’s name from the list of your online friends.

(2) Now, the chat box will appear in front of your screen. So, now just put these codes respectively to get the middle finger and the dislike icons in your chat box to be sent to any of your friends – [[midfing]] and [[iidislyk]].

(3) That’s it, you and your friend (s) available in the chat conversation will now see these emoticons like this :

Facebook Chat

Remember that you can’t use these codes in statuses and comments to view the desired emoticons, because these codes works with Facebook chat only. So go ahead and thrill up your friends with these two amazing emoticons ever.

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16 Responses to “How to Add or Insert Dislike and Middle Finger Emoticons in Facebook Chat?”

  1. Steve

    Aug 23. 2012

    It is really funny but essential too. Thanks for the tutorial Priyangshu.

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  2. edmond

    Oct 16. 2012

    i have been using it for some time and suddenly i can’t see it anymore. Whenever i type it in, it shows a white blank. This happens to all the [[ ]] images. please help me

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  3. Marquelle hearne

    Oct 21. 2012

    yalll lien nigga dat donnot work i tried

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  4. kimberly

    Oct 31. 2012


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  5. Kelli

    Nov 29. 2012

    Dislike and the finger do work. So no, they aren’t lying.

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  6. deepak

    Dec 23. 2012

    its awesome…

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  7. lory

    Jan 03. 2013

    Please!anyone know type shotcut for Dislike woking on status or comments FB??I’m getting crazy searching that!!

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  8. jv stark

    Jan 12. 2013

    yo bRO DAT F*** WORKD! ain’t lyin!

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  9. abhijeet

    Feb 20. 2013

    there are two ways to Insert Dislke icon
    1. [[iidislyk]]
    2. [[ChatDislike]]

    Enjoy ..

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  10. allampatu

    Jul 12. 2013

    try this [[faqyou123]]

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  11. Syarz

    Aug 15. 2013

    its working on statuses & comments as well as chat

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