How to Disable Facebook Tagging – Stop Photo & Status Tagging on Facebook!

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Being a regular Facebook user, I know it’s very annoying when someone you don’t actually know well, tags you in his or her photos, status or comments. There are some annoying people in my friend list who often tags me with unwanted, unnecessary and irrelevant photos or pictures. How does it feel when you get a notification like this – “Mark has tagged you in his photo with 78 others” ? That makes me even more frustrating, and further, it appears on my timeline and makes it look very odd. If you also one of those who don’t like it when someone tags you in his or her photos or statuses all the time, then you may certainly want to get rid of it. Yes, there’s a working solution to this problem.

Disable Facebook Tagging

Although, you cannot simply disable or deactivate Facebook tagging, but you can customize it in settings to review the posts that your friends tags you in, before making appearance on your timeline or profile. Now, let’s get straight to the point and see how you can really stop all your unwanted friends from tagging you in disturbing photos on Facebook :

(1) First of all, go to the home page of Facebook and log into your account.

(2) Once you are logged in, click on the triangular drop down button available in the rightest corner of the top navigation bar beside the “Home” option.

(3) After that, a drop down options list will appear, just click on “Privacy Settings” to proceed ahead.

(4) Now, you will be taken to the privacy settings page. Just scroll down until you get this option – “Timeline and Tagging”. You will see an “Edit Settings” option right beside these texts. All you need to do is just to click on it.


Facebook Tagging


(5) Now, you will notice a pop up page appearing up from where you will be able to change your tagging settings. All you need to do now is to enable or turn on this option – “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline“. Note that this option is turned off by default, so you will need to click on it and another new pop up page will appear like this :


Facebook Tagging Review


(6) So, switch the option from disabled to enabled and click on the “Back” button. After that, just click on “Done” in the previous pop up options page to save your preferences.


That’s all, you are done. You will now have to review the posts including photos & statuses, before appearing on your Facebook timeline. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have an option to disable tagging permanently but it will certainly help you to get rid of those unwanted photo tags and keep your profile clean, as you will be asked to approved all the tags before making them live on your Facebook Timeline profile. Say us thanks by leaving a sweet comment below :) .

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