Samsung Galaxy Grand vs. Galaxy S Duos – Comparison

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Two latest and highly hyped portable devices from Samsung are Samsung Galaxy Grand and Samsung Galaxy S Duos. As the name suggest, both these laudable pieces belong to the Galaxy family. Hence the two touch screen Smartphone’s more or less are akin to one another.

However, the looks set apart, both have many common facets in terms of specification too. This fact attributes to the analogous response the phones got in the market. The most notable differences as seen between these devices are

-         Standby capacity

-         Camera

-         OS version

-         Price

I’ve categorized the major device specs and configurations while comparing the two phones. Let’s get started.

Samsung Galaxy grand vs Duos

Look and Feel:

The dimension of Samsung Galaxy S Duos is less than that of Galaxy Grand by about any inch.

Galaxy S Duos 121.5×63.1×10.5 mm
Galaxy Grand 143.5×76.9×9.6 mm

Galaxy S Duos adopts the trademark flagship design of Samsung Galaxy S III. However, the body is much thicker and at the same time lighter than its counterpart. Galaxy S Duos weighs 120 gm, while Galaxy Grand is slightly heavier with a weight of about 160 gm.

Both the devices support multi-touch with a TFT screen. Galaxy Grand comes with an additional design feature i.e., it has got the light sensor which is absent in Galaxy S Duos.


The cameras embedded into these two devises widely vary in terms of snap clarity. Galaxy Grand comes with a better version of 8 Mega Pixel cam (rare camera), while Galaxy Duos only a 5 Mega Pixel camera.

Galaxy Grand has got a front camera of 2 Mega Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S Duos has got a 0.3 Mega Pixel (VGA) front camera. Hence the image resolution of Galaxy Grand id better (3264.0 X 2448.0 Pixels) over that of Galaxy S Duos (2592.0 X 1944.0 Pixels).

Operating System and Hardware:

Samsung Galaxy which is by far the better phone among the two, is equipped with the latest version of Android v 4.1.2. On the other hand Galaxy S Duos comes with Android v 4.0. Galaxy Grand has got a faster CPU with dual core 1200 MHz Processor.

This is about 20 % faster than Samsung Galaxy S Duos that has a dual core processor with speed of 1000 MHz. Galaxy Grand out-beats even the RAM of Galaxy S Duos as it has a better system memory (RAM) of 1024 mega bytes as compared to the system memory of Galaxy S Duos which has got approximately 750 mega bytes.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos has an external memory of 4 GB which is less than that of Galaxy Grand which comes with an 8 GB external memory and which can be extended further upto 64GB . Galaxy S Duos on the other hand can be expanded only upto 32 GB.

In terms of connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Grand has Bluetooth 4.0 whereas Samsung Galaxy S Duos has Bluetooth 3.1.


Samsung Galaxy Grand is set at a price of Rs.21, 500 while Samsung Galaxy S Duos is priced at Rs.14, 500.

The Verdict:

Galaxy S Duos is clearly a cheaper alternative to Samsung Galaxy Grand. If you are not full in your pocket, S Duos is what you can opt for. But if you can spend the extra bucks, Samsung Galaxy Grand would be the best choice considering its lightning fast RAM, huge scope for memory expansion, longer screen and yet being the lighter one of the two Smartphones.

However, if you are not comparing Galaxy S Duos with Galaxy Grand, Duos beats many other phones in its cadre and can prove a great choice too.

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