“Your Daily Pic, Delivered” – How to Stop it on Facebook?

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If you are a regular Facebook user, and have been seen links posted on your wall with the name “Your daily pic, delivered“, and want to get rid of these unwanted postings, then here’s a solution to stop it. As you know, Facebook is not only known for connecting people with each across the world, but to also see spams all around the website.

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There are thousands of thousands spams spreading around Facebook, and these spams and spammy links spreads when users click on them, which results into continuous posting of those spams on your own wall, and in the same way, when others click on it, they start getting posted on your friends’ wall.

These spams can sometimes be very annoying and disturbing for Facebook users. Well, one of the most spread spams I’ve seen on Facebook is the one with the name – “Your daily pic, delivered“, which often gets posted on Facebook users’ walls.
Your Daily Pic, Delivered

This spam is spread with the Facebook app namely “21 Questions“, which authorizes it to post on you wall. So, if you have earlier gave this application authorization to take control over your profile, then it may automatically post these kinds of messages and spammy links on your Facebook profile.

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To stop this, you can either simply disable or block the 21 Questions app from your Facebook account, or unsubscribe from the “Daily Pic” subscription of the application. You can block this app from your Facebook account by follow the steps mentioned after the jump:

(1) Log into your Facebook account and click on the “Settings” button available in the rightmost part of the top navigation bar of your account.

(2) After that, click on “Account Settings” and then go to the “Apps” section from the left sidebar.

21 Questions

(3) Then, you will see the “21 Questions” app in your apps’ list. Just click on the “x” sign right next to the app’s name, to get it removed from your account and take away authorization from the app.

That’s it, it will not be blocked from your Facebook account and you will now not get any unwanted link or message posted on your wall from this application. Alternatively, if you do occasionally use this app for other purposes, then you can simply remove daily pic subscription from this app. To do so, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

(1) Go to the “21 Questions” application from your app bookmarks i.e. www.facebook.com/bookmarks/apps.

(2) Then click on the “Daily Pic” option from the top navigation bar within the app.

(3) You will now see a daily picture. You will also see another option with the label “Unsubscribe to Daily Pic” right below the picture.


(4) Just click on that option once, and you are done. 21 Questions will not post any daily pic notification on your wall from now.

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  1. Cherisa

    Aug 29. 2013

    Thank you so much I find these things vere annoying when they pop every day on my FB newsfeed.

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