25+ Best Facebook Extensions for Google Chrome

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25+ Best Facebook Extensions for Google Chrome: Enhance Your Facebook Experience with these Cool Google Chrome Extensions: Everybody uses Facebook. Almost all love Google Chrome. So it’d be a delightful experience to use Chrome extensions and enhance your Facebook browsing, wouldn’t it? A marriage of seamless connectivity and intuitive functionality. A no-brainer of match-ups. Well, that’s why I bring you the best of the extensions for Chrome that polish and enhance your FB user experience. Each of these extensions complements a Facebook feature in a beautiful yet utilitarian manner. Read on.


25+ Best Facebook Extensions for Google Chrome


Facebook for Chrome :

FB for Chrome is an extension that adds a whole lot of accessibility to your browsing experience.Get notifications, post statuses & links, like, comment, messages, live news feed and more from the browser itself. It allows you to comment and like any post and see the latest messages and notifications. You can also set an option to be notified of new content when the browser is closed.



Facebook Chat Notification :

Facebook Chat Notification comes in handy when you have a bunch of tabs open. It pops a message when a new chat message arrives on FB. It is helpful as it would give you the liberty to browse on other tabs while in a slow paced conversation with someone on FB.


Facebook Photo Uploader :

You can ‘Drag and drop’ your photos directly from your computer to Facebook. Just right click on a pic and select ‘Upload to facebook’. You can also add photos by dragging them after opening the app similar to Google Drive.


Photo Zoom For Facebook :

Ever browsed through a large collection of photos on FB and felt tired clicking one pic after another to see the image? Well then this extension is made for you. PZ4FB is a simple, light-weight extension that integrates directly into Facebook so you can see the larger images of photo albums, profile photos etc. You just need to hover your cursor on the desired pic.


Hyperlator Facebook Utility :

This addon might not be for everyone but if you’re among the handful of people who create a lot of events as part of your work or on occasion, you need to check this out. It is a package that comes with some nifty tools to send mass invites to events that you create and let you track the progress of the said events.


Fabulous :

Fabulous is a bunch of extensions rolled into one actually. It boasts of the ability to Block ads, change colors, zoom photos, change the font and text size, enlarge, add notification sound alerts and desktop notifications and more. You can Enable/Disable which features you want at any given time.



Invite All :

One of the most useful FB extensions out there. I know the pain in selecting each friend individually by checking a box on FB  to invite them to a group or an event. I had to go through the drill when sending invites for a friend’s engagement. It is grunt work exemplified. This extension saves you all that trouble and places the power of multiple invitation at your fingertips. Recommended.


Social Fixer :

Social Fixer for FB is a set of tools to enhance your experience on the social network. Tabbed news feeds, advanced feed filters, tracking of new comments to old posts, hiding of posts you’ve already read, auto-clicking Older Posts and custom CSS/Skins are just a few things it offers. It’s an all-round extension to simply put your FB experience on steroids.


FB Quick Login :

fbQuick Login is a Single click Sign-in Assistant for multiple FB accounts. Setup your Facebook login details of multiple accounts and you will be able to login to your Facebook account with just a click.You can configure up to 10 accounts. It also notifies of new messages right no the desktop and saves you the hassle of entering your credentials every time you want to log into FB.


Facebook Chat :

Facebook Chat is a free and simple tool that lets you chat with other people who are online on Facebook. You can also share pics, videos and webcam streams in the chat app. You can also create private chat rooms where you can invite friends to chat. It also offers real-time translation to facilitate chatting without linguistic restrictions!


Stickers for FB :

Stickers are basically large emoticons that are more colorful that your average emoticon. Stickers for Facebook allows you to send stickers  to your friends while chatting.You’ll see a new window pop-up with all the stickers included. Click on the one you want to send. That’s it.



FB Purity :

Are you tired and annoyed with all the application spam and unnecessary FB throws your way? Well you need FB purity to get rid of them and much more unwanted content on the social juggernaut.F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity cleans your Facebook homepage from all the application spam and other annoying message types,smiley graphics, suggested posts and generally makes Facebook less annoying to use.


Facebook Savior :

Blocks posts that contain unwanted words.With this extension, you make a list of “bad words”, and any post that contains a word from your list will be replaced with a warning. You can display the post if you want to later if you change your mind but until then you can enjoy a much cleaner FB newsfeed. Rid your feed of clutter right now with this extension.


Quick Search :

Qsearch – The fastest FB timeline and wall search engine in the world. That’s how they describe the extension and there’s little evidence to negate their claim. Using QSearch, you can just retrieve your early articles in few seconds, search your timeline, your friends’ timeline, or even the wall of pages your liked.



FB Commercial Ad Blocker :

This extension helps you get rid of those annoying ads that are ever-present on FB pages on the right side spoiling the browsing experience. Add this and you’re ad-free!


Photo Download :

Photo Download for Facebook is a simple and discreet extension that adds a download button over all pictures on your Facebook: Just one click, and the photo is downloaded in its original size! So you can download images from your timeline, your photo albums, and also friend profiles and albums. It’s also private as no data is sent to an external server.



Quick Share :

This extension adds the ability to quickly share a website you’re on. It makes itself particularly useful when browsing sites with no FB integration. Sure there aren’t many such sites but for those that exist, this add-on is a boon.



Unsocial Reader :

Once in a while you get a msg n your feed that points to an interesting looking article supposedly read by a FB friend. However when you click and try to read the same, it demads you install an app, ‘Social Reader’ just to read that one piece. Annoying I know. This extension takes care of the annoyance for you by providing google’s ” I’m Feeling Lucky ” results for the topic. Instant info without compromising your privacy.


Facebook One :

It claims to be the best FB extension there is. I don’t know about that but it is pretty good if you ignore it’s minor quirks. It alerts you instantly of new messages, notifications and friend requests on Facebook. You can go directly to the pages you want on Facebook without having to load the entire homepage first. A minor issue seems to be that the notifications and message boxes show the small red icon even when there are no messages with a zero for number.



Social Reviver :

SocialReviver lets you disable the new Profiles and Pages layout (“Timeline”) and return to the Classic 2011 Profiles. You can also revert to the classic pre-2013 FB layout and use Friend Lists in Chat to limit your availability and group your Chat contacts and many more things.Born as a result of a merger of FB Chat Sidebar Disabler and New Profile Disabler, this add-on lets you tweak your FB layout and functionality.


SecretBook :

Steganogaphy is the science of hiding messages within messages/other content, typically an image. Secretbook lets you send secret messages on FB by hiding them in images. This is a fun little extension to try. An Oxford University project, this reminds me of friends’ project in my own college days.


Theme Creator :

This extension provides a gallery to allow you quick and easy access to available themes and styles to change your Facebook layout. Want to design and create your own? You can style Facebook exactly the way you want. Change colors, add custom backgrounds and more! You can access options from browser’s extension settings page. Pick from themes like Hello Kitty, One Direction, Sports teams etc. Turn your drab, white FB pages to colorful, lively layouts.


Facebook Translate :

This add-on let’s you translate status updates and comments on Facebook. So you got friends around the world, and stay in contact via Facebook? But they won’t update their statuses in English? This solves the problem using Google’s translation services.


NewGenBook Desktop :

This extension makes Facebook look beautiful with a modern interface! It completely overhauls the visual aspect of the social networking site and gives it a modern twist.



My FB Colors :

Simple. Change your Facebook color in this app with all the colors you want! You can theme your Facebook with dark or light themes. Both the background color and foreground color can be customized with this add-on.



Messenger Unseen :

This add-on blocks the seen feature of the facebook messenger. Remove the read receipts with this extensions and your friends will no longer be able to see if you read their messages. You will still be able to see if they read your messages. Comes handy if you’re chatting with multiple people or busy to reply immediately.


Secret Emoticons :

If you’re bored with the standard offerings that help you emote, this extension is the one to go. Access all secret emoticons in Facebook with this cool extension. After installation you will see small icon in Facebook status/comment boxes. When you click it, you will see all secret emoticons. These new emoticons are not just local machine compatible, they are visible to everyone regardless of whether they have this extension installed or not.



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Conclusion : Have fun with the extensions guys. From changing your FB colors and backgrounds to desktop message notifications, there’s something for everyone here. Enjoy and comment on what your favorite extensions are below.

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