Top 10 Best Dictionary Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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Top 10 Best Dictionary Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch – Have a look at this ultimate list of the best Dictionary apps available for Android and iOS: Some say that learning new language is something tough to do. But, I completely disagree with them. If not simple, the language learning task is not tough as well. It all depends on the way we proceed for it. Going through the words of intended language, without knowing their meaning, is the biggest mistake that most of us do. Dictionary is the best resource to know meaning of words we don’t know. But, today’s generation being lazy, does not like to spend or better say, waste time on bulky dictionary books. If you are also one of them, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can have dictionary on your Android, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Having so, you can learn the meaning of unknown words at anytime you want to. Here is the list of best dictionary apps for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch,


Best Dictionary Apps for Android 


Android Dictionary


This app’s database contains more than 4 lac words in it. You can search for the meaning of any word by simply typing the ‘search’ field. Apart from this, you can perform the search via voice command as well. Audio pronunciation, 300,000 synonyms and antonyms, spelling suggestions, etc., are the some of the best features of this app.


Dictionary – Merriam-Webste


Look for the words by typing, or by voice command- choice is yours. Synonyms, antonyms, word of day, etc., are some of the features of this app that make it stand in this list of best dictionary apps for Android.


Thesaurus Free


Find antonym, similar word, related term of any word, using this app on your Android device. The interface is easily understandable. This app is recommended to all Android users out of you.


Free Dictionary Org


Apart from the regular dictionary app features, some interesting ones are the Google Image Search, Wikipedia Integration, Offline Database, etc. All these features of this incredible dictionary app, make it stand in this list of best dictionary apps for Android.


Offline Dictionaries


Just as the name suggests, this app lets you explore the dictionaries even when there is no network. This app is nothing less than a boon for all those out of you who don’t have data plans on their Android devices.


Urban Dictionary


The last one in this list of best dictionary apps for Android, is the Urban Dictionary. This app is helping tens of thousands of Android users to know meaning of words that they don’t understand. One interesting feature of this app is Social Media Sharing. Simply in love with this feature!

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Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


iPhone Dictionary App

We have above pinned down the list of the best Dictionary apps for Android, but in case if you are an iOS user i.e. if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and looking for some good dictionary apps, then you must check out the list of the best iOS dictionary apps below:



With a huge database of words, and over 2 lac definitions, this app is surely among the best dictionary apps for iOS device. The app is quite simple to use. Recommended to all iOS users out of you.

WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus


Did not find the above one useful? Try this out! Learn the meaning of words in a simple yet effective manner. The audio pronunciation of words, is the best feature of this app.


WordWeb Dictionary


Yet another impressive dictionary app fro iOS devices. It’s used by tens of thousands of users everyday, which speaks about the usefulness of this app.


Ninjawords Dictionary


Ninjawords Dictionary is the last name in this list of best dictionary apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. If you want to know the meanings of complex words, or want to build up a strong vocabulary, then this app is the best for you.


We are done with our list of the best Dictionary apps that are available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. These apps will help you find out meanings of different difficult words right from your smartphone or tablet. At last, we would like to hear from you guys? Which one’s your favorite dictionary software or application on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments!

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