Top 10 Best Folder Lock Software for Windows 7/XP/Vista – Free Download

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Protecting your important files on your PC is an essential matter of all the users. By the passing of time, everyone feels insecure and they all are in search for a third party apps or software which can protect all the important data from viruses and other hackers.

To make you a secure PC user, here we have enlisted some of the best Folder Lock Software fro Windows users. If you are using a Windows operating system on your PC, this article is worth a try to secure your PC’s data. 

Lock folders and files

Top 10 folder Lock Software for Windows :

1. Folder Lock Free :

To protect your files and important documents from the other users or hackers, this free Folder Lock software is there. It allows user to secure folders or hide folders and files with a security password.

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This software gives you a simple and attractive UI which anybody can easily use it. It doesn’t requires any special skills to make the use of it. To use it you need to follow some instructions and you’re done!

  • Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

2. Password Folder :

Many computer geeks have some kind of sensitive data in their PC and they just don’t want to share those data to others. For such geeks this software holds all their needs within.

Password Folder is really easy to use and to secure your files you just need to put a password in it. This software will block reading and writing of a particular files and folders.

  • Compatibility: Windows 7

3. Lock a folder :

Lock a folder is a lightweight software which lets you allow to secure your files and folders with a simple way. It allows you to secure your files and folders from the other connections of your PC.

Like if you are connected with your friends’ or colleagues’ PC with this security program they can’t see your hidden files and folders on their PC. They are secured in your PC with this software.

  • Compatibility: Windows 7

4. Folder Protection :

This security tool allows you to secure your every folder that you don’t want to make them visible to others. It allows a separate security to each folders, you just need to put a legit password to make them secure with encrypted password.

This security tool can protect your folders against illegal copying, deletion or adding extra files to. Simple UI makes a good sense at using this tool on your PC.

  • Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7

5. Folder Guard :

To hide and protect your personal files and folder this security tools is there. This lightweight tool helps you to secure your personal data very effectively. It has a very simple UI that anyone can use it easily.

  • Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7

6. Instant Lock :

This tool is a there with a combination of speed and security. It can lock and secure GBs of data within a few seconds. All you need to do is to select your files and data that you want to make them hidden or secure with a password, and you’re done! It’s a powerful tool which gives you a better result every time.

  • Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7

7. Free Window Sweeper :

While using Internet on your computer, your PC save all the data which you’ve recently explore on the Web. Such data remains saved in your PC as cookies, temporary files, recent document lists, from this anyone can trace your files and can easily get your Passwords and other important data of your accounts.

To make them secure this security tool is here. Free Window Sweeper remove all Internet and computer usage of your PC, so no one can trace your data.

  • Compatibility: Windows Vista,  Windows 7

8. Hide folders XP :

If you share your PC to co-workers, friends, relatives or others they can easily access to your folders and files. Users of Windows XP gradually deceases, however there are still many of them who don’t want to change their current OS. For those who use Windows XP and make their files and folders secure, this tool is there.

  • Compatibility: Windows XP

9. Hide folder HiBit :

This security tool allows a high security over your folders and files. It can encrypt, hide or fake your data to the other. This tool allows you to lock your files from your PC and you can unlock it from the other PC. It’s a simple and effective tool.

  • Compatibility: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

10. Super Utilities :

To make your computer run more faster, safer with a greater security of files and data, this Super Utilities is a must have tool. It can hide your data or folders and you can use your files and make them use more effectively and faster.

Compatibility: Windows XP

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