Top 10 Best Games Like Angry Birds – Free Play Online

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Angry Birds is not only popular on android or iOS smartphones or tablets but it was popular on PC as well and those who had completed all the levels or stages of the game should be looking for more games that are identical to the Angry Birds.

 Angry Birds

It’s a physics puzzle game that is very popular and this game saved the Rovio Company from getting drowned in the debts. Anyways let me tell you the name and details of the game which are like Angry Birds and you can play them online for free or download on your PC for free. But some of the games are only available for the iOS devices.

#1 Angry Animals

This one is almost identical to that of Angry Birds and it is popular too. You can easily solve the puzzles and higher levels will be unlocked then. The only change I found was the birds were replaced by the animal, that’s it! Although the graphics were different too but the basic things were almost identical.

 Angry Animals

The game has about 27 levels and the difficulty increases as per the level is increased. You can play the game for free on your PC at this website and you can download it too.

#2 Aiko Island

Another physics puzzle game that has some realistic graphics that will make you addicted towards the game easily. The game has over 125 levels so it will take time for you to finish the game.

Aiko Island

If you solve a puzzle then you will be gifted with lots of cookies. You need to get a certain number of cookies to clear one level and this will make you solve the puzzle with even more attentions.

The game is only available for iOS devices like iPad, iPod and the iPhone and it is a paid one.

#3 Pudding Strike

The main concept of this game is same but you need to put off puddings, jelly and sugary like structures. There is nothing excited in the game according to me but there are lots of levels and you’re looking for such games to get more levels.

Pudding Strike

So you can give the game a try, if you like the level of puzzles then continue playing otherwise look for another one from the list here. You can play the game online for free on your PC.

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#4 Siege Hero

This game has some unique physic that you will like to play for sure. You need to destroy the structure in front of you using the stones. You need to take care that you’re destroying the Vikings not the innocent peasants.

Sieger Hero

When I played the game I was not having the idea as I was expecting for some birds or animals to pull out at target but then I came to know that I need to throw stone at targets. You can start throwing stones and the game will automatically tell you whether it is the target or not. You can play game online for free here.

#5 Angry Alien

In this game you need to locate out aliens in the game play and hit them with birds. The game looks identical as of angry birds but the graphics are different.

 Angry Alien

I played the game but didn’t like the audio very much. There are about 21 levels that you need to complete. You can play the game online for free.

#6 Worms

This is a series of game and you can play it on your smartphone and also on your PC. I played it online here and liked the game. I tried the Worms 2 but you can look for Worms World Party, Worms Armageddon, Worms 4 and Worms Triple Pack as well.


You need to wait for the enemy worm to come out and then you need to hit them. The game can be played as multi player option as well that means you can enjoy the game with your friends.

#7 Cock’s Revenge

The game looks simple and concept is same as of angry birds but the objects are different and more aggressive. You need to shoot out and solve the puzzle with your best shot.

Cock's Revenge

There are about 21 puzzles that need to be solved if you want to go ahead in the game for some more difficult stuff. You can play the game for free online.

#8 Angry Mario

The game is very identical with the Angry birds concept but the objects are all from Mario. You need destroy Goombas with Mario character that is been fired out of a gun.

Angry Mario

You need to press mouse click for long to give the power and scroll to adjust the directions. I didn’t like the graphics though but the difficulty level was new to me. As soon as game started, I remember my childhood days as the tune of the game was same as of Mario. You can play the game online for free here.

#9 Worms 2: Armageddon

This is another version of the Worms game and it doesn’t look good. I tried playing the online version and the graphics were of MS DOS time. I started playing game and liked the difficulty level.

 Worms 2: Armageddon

I need to locate and kill other worms using my skills. I didn’t find anything like puzzle but still the game play was having the Angry Birds concept of locate and hit.

#10 Stupid Zombies

In this, you need to locate zombies and fired them up with your best shots. The game looks simple but winning levels from Zombies is not so easy. I tried playing the game for about 20 min but still my score was same as of Zombies.

 Stupid Zombies

So if you are looking for some unique stuff then go here and must try out for free. The game is available only at GooglePlay store or the iTunes store.

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