Top 30 Best Google Tricks for Fun!

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Best Google Tricks – Check out these top 30 best and funny Google Tricks for time pass: You use Google everyday. It’s the quintessential search engine that every web user loves to use by default. So what if you could have some fun with your favourite search engine? We certainly like the sound of that. Google regularly incorporates some quirks into its engine to keep the search experience fresh and even fun. Here I show you around 30 such tricks to have fun with Google. These tricks can be performed by anyone with no prior knowledge of any coding at all. Read on:


30 Best Google Tricks for Fun


1. Google Gravity :

Google Gravity is a cool little trick where  the search bar, the “I’m feeing lucky” button, the logo and everything else fall down like a heap at the bottom of the page. You can even play around with the broken pieces by tossing them around willy-nilly. Click the link above or just type google gravity in the search box and hit that “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

Google Gravity


2. Pacman on Google :

Do you know you can play an actual mini-game of PacMan on Google?. Yep that’s right. click the link above. press ‘Insert Coin’ and have fun chomping the dots and dodging the meanies.



3. Tilt :

This trick will tilt the web page to one side. Just type “tilt” in the search bar and hit enter. You can also click the link above.

4. Chuck Norris on Google :

The internet cannot be what it is without some Chuck Norris jokes. Google understands this too. Click the link and you’ll be told the truth.

5. Barrel Roll :

Wanna make your search result page go for a ride?. Well type “Do a barrel roll” into the search bar and watch the result. You’ll be delighted.

6. Rainbow Google :

Wanna add a little color to your fav. search engine? or a lot of it? well click the link above. It’ll make your browsing fun n colorful.

7. Epic Google :

Google’s ready to take over you screen. This trick makes the font of the page bigger and bigger.

8. Weenie Google :

This is the smaller brother of the epic google trick. Makes the font smaller and smaller.


Got a lazy friend who won’t google before asking you for some readily available info? well LMGTFY got you covered. It stands fot ‘Let Me Google That For You’. Just type what you want to search and it will create a link that leads to a page where it tutors  how to use google using your typed words as an example.

10. Google Sphere :

This cool trick turns everything on the search page into a spherical entity where all the usual elemnts are represented like countries on an animated globe. Cool.

11. Google Doodles :

Another thing the search engine is famous for is its ‘Doodles’. A tribute to famous historical figures or events in the form of a (often pictorial) re-imagining of the Google logo. Many doodles are dynamic with moving parts and other knickknacks. You can see all of them made over the years by visiting the link above. On day, they’ll be the subject of fond memories of your internet youth.



12. Dance Google Dance :

So you think Google can’t dance? Wrong! hit that link and see the logo break into a step.

13. My Name’s On Google :

Go to the above link. Type your name or whatever you like. Create search engine. Have fun



14. Dragon Slayer :

Those who use Google Docs will find this interesting. If you create or open any spreadsheet, pressing Shift+F12 a message will pop up saying: “Dragon slain! Congratulations, you’ve slain the dragon!”.

15. Anagram :

Type “angaram” and Google returns with one. Well played Google.Well played.

16. Recursion :

Type “Recursion” into Google and it returns a message asking if you meant ‘Recursion’. Oh! silly search engine you.

16. Google Hacker :

W3lc0m3 l33t Haxor! W3 Br1n6 you l33t [email protected] on G00gl3. Nuff [email protected]

17. Annoying Google :

Do you appreciate typing in proper case? Well then this trick will might annoy you. Click to see casing warped and chaos everywhere for someone who loves proper format.

18.  elgooG :

If the name’s not a giveaway, it’s a Google mirror trick. Everything is a mirror image. Try it.

19. Google Pirate :

Ahoy! Tharr she searches! Enjoy Google in pirate language matey!

20. Walk into Mordor :

If you’ve got to definitely absolutely positively have to reach Mordor to slay the Orcs, then you can’t but seek the help of the all-knowing Oracle that is Google. Try to get walking directions from “Rivendell” or “The Shire” to “Mordor” ignoring the shrubs (suggestions) that (pop up)are in the way and Google will give you the route with a solemn warning. After all, One does not simply….

21. The Answer to Life :

Wondering what the answer to life might be?. Google arrived at the solution harvesting the power of its massive parallel super computer setup…or not. Try typing “answer to life the universe and everything” and know the truth today.

22. Klingon Google :

Kvetha Fricaya Shur’tugal!..oh! wait..that’s from Eragon right? Man, I wish I took Klingon back in college. Anyway try the above link to transform Google into a Klingon search tool.

23. Google Mentalplex :

Don’t type. Typing is so yesterday. Instead, imagine what you wanna search with this trick.

24. Google’s Nessie :

Your search for the LochNess monster ends here. We have it from trusted sources that it rises from the icy waters at exactly 3:14 AM evreryday. With the beach theme on your iGoogle homepage wait until the clock strikes 3:14 AM to watch. Who knew Nessie liked Google?



*You can also just adjust your PC clock by forwarding it to 3:14 AM to watch. Nessie might not approve of this though.

25. Gmail Laundry :

We love Gmail’s services and all but what’s a mail service if it doesn’t offer to do your laundry? Google apparently knows of this shortcoming and intends to rectify. Go to the above link and suggest it now.

26. Love Google (and it’ll love you back) :

What can Google do? What can’t it do? Hit that link and type something you love. Be amazed.

27. Google Street Team :

Do you like Google maps? well so do we. Click the link above and see the team behind the feature.

28. Google Terminal :

What would Google have looked when the original ‘Tron’ released? A Bulletin Board Terminalesque rendition of the popular search engine perhaps? Click to know



29. Google Beatbox :

Beatboxing is the skill of using your mouth to create drumbeat sounds that serve as the background to rap music. Click the link above or just type “pv pv pv zkzkzkzkzkzkzpvpvpv kkkkkkkk BSCHpv pv pv pv pv pv kz kz kz kkkk bsch pv zkzkzk bsch pvpvpvzkzkzkzk tktktktktktktktk tkpvzkbsch bsch bsch bsch bschpvzktk kttp kttppvpvpvtktktktktktktktktktktkt bsch” in google translate box and translate from English to German. Click the audio (Speaker) button. Enjoy

30. Zerg Rush :

Google “zerg rush” and have your screen attacked by a horde of letter “O”s from the Google logo. You can even fight them upon which you will be given a score. Play now and get a high score.


That’s it folks, I’m done with my list of the top 30 most amazing Google Tricks which will amuse you, and might help you spend your spare time having a bit of fun. Check out each of these Google tricks  and let us know which one you liked the most – comment below with your favorite Google trick from the list we have put up.

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