Best New Year 2013 Facebook Timeline Cover Photos – Free Download

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Oh! the time is ticking so fast. 2013 is knocking the doors. I hope the year 2012 was full of happiness for you and pray for the same to happen in 2013 as well. You must be eagerly waiting for 2013 and exchange of wishes for the new year might have started already.

The wishes are rolling in social media and people are uploading images about new year n all. Well, talking about my Facebook account, I have been seeing my friends wishing the ‘Happy New Year‘ in their status updates from very beginning of December. Oh! Crazy people!

All my friends are uploading attractive New Year related images and I also thought to do so. But then I decided to go a step ahead than my friends by using updating my ‘Boring’ Facebook Timeline Cover photo to a new one; a new one which is related to New Year 2013. Though the process of finding the best one was not so simple, but I did it at last.

I am sure that being a Facebook user, you must be excited to know about the Best New Year 2013 Facebook Timeline Cover Photos. Right? If yes, then this article is meant for you as I am sharing here the list of Best New Year 2013 Facebook Timeline Cover Photos.

2013 with Snakes

Some stupid nerds are not aware that 2013 is to come soon. They are sleeping. Spread the soon-arrival of 2013 to your FB friends by using this amazing picture as Facebook Cover Photo.

Don’t use the poorly written ’2013′. Come on, you are a smart person so show your smartness in using Cover Pic. Let the dangerous snakes to write ’2013′ for you. One Snake makes one digit of ’2013′. While it awakes sleeping nerds, the text below Snakes wishes them ‘Happy New Year’.


2013 Fireworks 

The best way to enjoy any special occasion is by Fireworks. Though you can’t do so on Facebook (Do not ask me why!), but yes, you can use the 2013 Fireworks cover photo in your FB profile to show your intention. The background color used in the pic enhances its attraction.


Happy New Year

Nothing, but simply written ‘Happy New Year’ with big font size so that the text covers the complete picture. If you want to be simple in wishing Happy New Year to your friends, then this one is the best to use  as your cover photo. The best part of this cover picture is ‘General’ New Year wish and can be used for any new year. Come on, it’s a matter of joy for lazy birds.


happy new year

Happy New Year with a Wish

I know, on the occasion of new year, you are praying happiness for your friends. Well, don’t let your intentions to hide in the deep peak of your heart, let your friends know that how caring you are. Wish them Happy New Year and pray for their dreams to come true. Show your love for your friends by using this amazing picture as your Facebook Cover Photo. The ‘amazingly’ written ’2013′ in this cover photo is more than enough to attract everyone’s eyes.

new year wish

Happy New Year with Santa

Though the Christmas is gone, but not its environment. People are still in the Christmas mood and if you are also, then better to opt for this picture as your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo. ‘Happy New Year’ is written in Golden words with intention to wish a golden 2013 to your friends. Santa is there with the candles. The background color is steady ‘Red’ and few glowing light dots are used to take the attraction level of this cover photo to an extreme level.

santa happy new year

2013 with Billiard Balls

No text, no snakes to write ’2013′ but yes, Simple Billiard balls with numbers being on the screen side and arranged in a manner so that it collectively becomes ’2013′. The best thing in this picture is that four balls used in it are all of different colors. The background color seems to be a Wooden Table. Overall, this pic is good to be used as your Facebook Timeline Cover. Especially for the Billiard fans. Are you one?


Cheer 2013 with Beer

The most common way to celebrate any happy occasion is by having beer with friends. Cheer 2013 with beer. Oh! Not possible in actual? Let’s do it on your FB then, by using this pic as your Facebook Timeline Cover. While the most part of the image is covered with the ‘Bottle Cap opening’, there is ‘Happy Near Year’ written on the top left which clears your intention of using this image as your FB cover, to your friends.


Kids Celebrating 2013

Let the animated kids to wish Happy New Year to your friends in their own style. The kids are well-designed and each kid is picking up each digit of ’2013′, which collective read the ’2013′. Different color for each digit and Kid is user to make this cover photo to bring attraction in your FB profile. The background color used in this picture is white, so that everyone just focus on animated kids and digits, and yes, their intention of course.



One Hand One Digit

You liked the idea used in the previous picture but don’t want to use the animated kids because they give you feel on being a kid? Nothing to worry as this one is based on the same concept, but with real ‘Hands’. As one kid was picking up one digit in last one, each kid is replaced by hand, a hand which is not animated. Of course, different colors for each digit and hand. Though it would have been great if the background color was something other than ‘White’, which is there currently. May be this is to focus the attention of viewer to beautiful color choice and ’2013′ of course. Overall, a good picture to use as your Facebook Timeline Cover.


2013 Stands on its Own

Did not like the previous two pictures as the idea did not please you much? Though chances of this to happen are rare, but sill, what’s view if the ’2013′ stands on its own without the support of any animated kid or hand? Cool Idea! Is not it? n this picture, the ’2013′ stands on its own. Wow! Each digit has its own eyes and all stare on you.

It seems that these are not digits, but little worms making it to look like year ’2013′. On the extreme right digit ’2′ with its back on screen is there with Santa Claus cap on it. This digit is there to awake your friends that Christmas is gone, but lots of celebrations are knocking the door with arrival of 2013. ‘Happy New Year’ written in red color clears the idea of using this picture as your Facebook Timeline Cover.


Beautifully Designed 2013

Do you want to make your profile attractive to your friends and new visitors? Do it with this beautifully designed New Year picture as your Facebook Timeline Cover. All I can say about this picture is ‘Beautiful’ or may be this word is also not enough to describe it in words. At least not for me. Each digit is designed so well and combined effect of the digits wish your friends a Happy New Year in a beautiful manner.


Announce the 2013′s arrival

Want to announce in the whole world that year 2013 is on its way? Well, good idea, but limit it to your thinking only, as practical implement of the idea may tag you as ‘Mad’ in this so-called mannered society.

But yes, what about announcing it silently? Come on, don’t give the expression of shocked person, as this is possible to do by using this picture as your Facebook Timeline Cover. The digit ’0′ is replaced by loud speaker and it seems the picture is announcing 2013′s arrival. But all this happen silently. Come on, do you expect the image to produce sound? Don’t say yes in over excitement.


2013 Fire

The background color is black in which the fire of 2013 glows. Each digit seems as to be written with fire, or to catch in fire. Good way to welcome year 2013, and to be impressive for your friends.


It’s 13

Oh! who eat the digits ’2′ and ’0′ ? Honestly, I did not. Did you? Still the ’13′ is enough to show your intentions. The smart people only need a small signal to understand the whole thing and I hope your friends are smart enough. But if they are not, do not use this picture as your Facebook Timeline Cover.


2013 in Blocks

Each digit of ’2013′ is written in separate block. This is the big point of attraction here. Happy New Year is written above the ’2013 in blocks’. It is not that much designed or attractive, but come on, it is not about the colorful designs every time. Sometimes, the simplicity wins over other attractive forms, the same it is doing here.


Happy New Year in amazing font

No color combination suits your desires? Rare chances of this, but if it is so, then take a look at this beautiful picture. The best part is that there is not any much experiment with the colors.

Only one color to write Happy New Year, and the same on two corners of picture. But yes, the way text is written in this picture, is more than enough to make it attractive. Is it ‘Italic’ or random creation of designer. Hard to guess. Can you?


2013 in Balloons

This time, digits are trapped in Bubbles. Don’t think to bust the balloons as these are not real ones, but are on a picture, which you would surely like to use as your Facebook Timeline Cover. All the balloons are of same color, but only four ones are trapping the four digits. ‘Happy New Year’ is written in Red color on the top right side of picture.


Welcome 2013

1 day more and 2013 will be there. Are you ready to welcome it? Do it by using this picture as your Facebook Timeline Cover. Perfect color combination is used to write the ’2013′ and ‘Welcome’ written on the extreme left of the picture welcomes year 2013.

welcome 2013

Two in One

Why stick to one particular design in your timeline cover? Use this as your cover picture and wish  Happy New Year 2013 in two designs. In the upper one, Snake Cobra writes 2013 in its own way with ‘Happy New Year’ text on the top right side, while in other design, ’2013′ is written in such a way that it is taking bath sea of water and is splashing the water in excitement.

two designs

’3′ replaces ’2′

Nothing is going to change but only the last digit in ’2012′. Oh! 365 days for this change! This image uses the same concept and where ’3′ replaces ’2′. Still you can see a small part of ’2′ as it’s not over yet. One day more left. Anything can happen in this one day. Let us hope the day goes well as the 364 days of 2012 gone.

2 replaces 3

So it was the list of Best New Year 2013 Facebook Timeline Cover Photos. Downloading them is pretty simple. Just hove your mouse to the picture that you wish to use as your Timeline Cover Picture. Right Click there and from the menu that appears, click on ‘save image as’. It will open a new window.

Select the location where you wish to save that particular picture and then click ‘Save’. The picture will get downloaded to specified location on your Hard Drive. Now you can use it as your FB Timeline Cover by logging into your FB profile.

Enhance your FB profile by using one of these beautiful pictures as your FB Timeline Cover. Which one do you like the most out of this list? Spread the world about it via the comment section below.

Rajan is one of the contributors to the tech news & gadgets section of The Internet Buzzer. He's now a regular author of this blog.


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