30+ Best Sites for Free Online Games

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30+ Best Sites for Free Online Games – Catch this list of the topmost and cool websites to find and play free online games: Looking for some fun games to play online for free? Well your search ends here. We’ve assembled here the definitive list of cool sites to play some free games online. Over 30 of them! Most of them include both single player and multiplayer games to keep yourself entertained for hours on end. The list is no particular order so I’m going to just number them sequentially.Read on:


30+ Best Sites for Free Online Games


1.  Aeria Games:


Aeria Games is a leading destination for free-to-play online multiplayer games with a rapidly growing community of over 45 million core players. Players have access to a slew of fun games ranging from cute little anime themed shooters to sprawling MMOs. Most titles here offer delectable gameplay with groovy graphics. Many games are playable in the browser itself with no additional content to download. The categories of games are : PC | Browser | Mobile. Some of the popular games are DDTank, Soldier Front, Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, Wartune, Crystal Saga and Monster Paradise (Mobile game).



2. Friv:


Friv knows the gamer’s mind. It entirely does away with menus, pages etc. Instead, are a bunch of icons that represent their respective game on a bright purple page.  The interface looks kickass with a yellow bubble giving you the name of the game when you hover your cursor over its icon .The site hosts over 250 games at any given time with fresh content being continuously added and old ones recycled.



3. Newgrounds:


Newgrounds is more than a flash game site. It is a community of artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors and writers who create things to be enjoyed throughout the web! Some of the most addictive and innovative games on the web are found on this site like Zombie Trailer Park and Tesla Defense. They keep adding fresh content all the time. Other channels include Movies, Audio, Art etc. Make sure you check them out.



5. Retrocade:


Retrocade is a place where old school game lovers feel right at home. Tastefully designed, the site contains inspired remakes of many classic arcade hits like Galaga and Bomberman. The games are fun and engaging. The genres range from Action to Puzzle platformers and a little of everything in between and all are highly immersive with great background music in some titles like Caveblaster. Check retrocade if you’re a retro game fan looking to relive some nostalgic gaming moments.



5. Mochigames:


Mochigames is a cool little site that offers a great selection of single player and multiplayer games to play online. Their multiplayer section is especially good with fun games like Double Edged, SAS: Zombie Assault, Uncharted Skies and Everybody Edits to name a few. You can play one-on-one or Co-op with players across the world in the multiplayer games.



6. Ninja Kiwi:


Ninja Kiwi is the developer behind many popular games all over the net, including the much lovedBloons series. They provide a complete gaming experience with forums,clans and an entire community dedicated to casual games. Their tower defense games in particular, are awesome. Don’t miss ‘Cursed Treasure’ and ‘Zombie Trailer Park’ when you visit their site. They offer comprehensive leaderboards for top players each week and also of all time. Pay a visit and you’ll stay there for a long time.



7. Nitrome:


Nitrome is a site with a collection of flash games that are mostly developed by the people who run the site rather than being an aggregator site for the most popular games online that week. There are games for both the PC and mobile platforms. All the games are fun to play and offer good replay value too. They’re presently working on a title called ‘Flightless’ – An cool platformer that they’re trying to get on Steam…so do support them while you visit and visit you must if love causal games.



8. Bulletproof Arcade:


Bulletproof Arcade provides a bunch of flash games like any other site but in addition to that they provide proprietary games created by them that offer a better quality gaming experience that the average flash game. They also have a chat forum and a game store where they sell their games. Dungeon King’s one such game that offer great graphics and gameplay while still being able to play on a browser. The forum is also well maintained with support and assistance provided for all their in-house games.



9. CrazyMonkey Games:


CrazyMonkey Games has a wide selection of great online games that you can play all you want for free! They don’t have those annoying pop-ups, pop-unders, or any other intrusive ads on their site and promise that they never will. They also have a sponsorship program where they offer developers money to develop their game in return for their logo to appear on their game’s intro screen. Check the site out and just click the ‘random game’ icon denoted by ‘?’ to start playing right away.



10. Armor games:


As one of the biggest free gaming websites, Armor Games offer thousands of new game reviews and ratings along with the free games, making it easy for gamers to find new games every day.The home page is neatly divided into many categories where you can pick a game and start playing. They also have a forum that’s very active along with a Videos section. You can also submit a game to their site. Armor Games is one the few flash game sites with exhaustive gaming content.



11. Kongregate:


Kongregate’s one of the best game portals out there. It offers thousands upon thousands of free online games, many made by users. You can communicate with other gamers from around the world via their chat rooms and forums, you can compete with friends to get the top scores and can earn badges playing games. They also have a mobile app, Kongregate Arcade. Kongregate is also the only place where you can score GameStop PowerUp Rewards points and unlock achievements just by playing free games. If you’re a developer you can make games for them and earn revenues for your games when they’re  published.


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