30+ Best Sites for Free Online Games

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12. PopCap:


Ever played Plants vs Zombies? Well these guys made it. A subsidiary of EA, PopCap offers some fun and addictive games on their site. Though the game roster is rather humble, the quality is relatively higher than what you would find on other gaming sites. The only catch is most games are only 60 minute trials that you have to pay for full versions upon download. However there’s also a Free games section that offers a free selection of games to play on your browser.



13. Addicting Games:


AddictingGames is a large online games site in the US with over 10 million unique users every month. They lead the  casual game territory, developing and distributing innovative, irreverent, addictive online games. Affiliated to Nickelodeon, Addicting Games launches more than a dozen new games every week with games from hundreds of independent developers, spread around the globe. The website greets you with a host of games that you can start playing right away and the site itself is tastefully designed.



14. U Got Games:


Ever visit a game site to be greeted with a rap song where the rapper’s singing about the flash games site you’re on? No? Well then you gotta check out ugotgames.com They have a nice selection of Flash,Java & Shockwave powered games with a shoutbox that mentions the colleges whose members have recently visited their site…and yeah..the rap’s not half bad either.



15. NotDoppler:


Not Doppler is a free games website where new games are added every Thursday. The latest games can be seen on their homepage. Games are sorted into one of many categories, including Action games, Adventure games, Arcade games, Sports games, Puzzle games and Gadgets & Misc. games. If you’re a webmaster they have a special section of free games that you can download and host on your site.



16. Andkon:


‘Andkon Arcade : 1000+ free flash games’ is what you’d be greeted with when you visit the site…and they sure mean it. There are categories that have sub-categories which have collections of games. The lot is huge with each game neatly tucked away into its respective genre for easy browsing. There should be something for everyone here.



17. Epic Ninja:


Epic Ninja’s games are given an ‘Epic’ rating by players. The games with the highest rating make it to the home page, although you can browse the other ones too. On each game page there are two buttons ‘Epic’ & ‘Lame’ for you to click depending on how you like the game and the best ones go on the main page making it easy for you to play good games instead of searching through the whole site for a good game. Simple. They’re soon going to add a forum to the site too.



18. HeavyGames:


Heavygames doesn’t ask you to flip through site pages or browse through categories to find a game you like. It just lists all its content based on genre on the main page where you pick-n-play what you like. If a game’s popular, it’s denoted by a small red chilly beside it. You can submit a game, sign up for free games by mail,add games to favourites…the works.



19. CandyStand:


Candystand is an online game site that offers prizes like Ipods and Gamestop gift cards for its high scorers. Along with Single player games, the site hosts a bunch of nice multiplayer titles too. You can register an account and try your luck at winning one of the prizes and even if you don’t win, the games would be worth your while.



20. Disney Games:


Did you know Disney made browser games? and that they have a site dedicated for playing them online? Well now you do. Play as Woody from Toy Story, Aladdin, Hannah Montana, characters from Narnia and many other characters from their beloved movies. They got arcade, puzzle and sports games among a few others. If you got a favourite Disney character then chances are it most probably exists in a game at their site.



21. Funcom:


Funcom is an independent developer and publisher of MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games that churns out quality titles. They created over 25 game titles across several genres and gaming platforms. Most notable of these are the MMOs ‘The Secret World’, ‘Age of Conan’ and ‘Anarchy Online’, as well as the adventure game ‘The Longest Journey’. All of them are Free-To-Play and offer retail quality gameplay. Try out one of them if you love MMOs or just explore the site to find one you’d like to play.



22. Zapak:


Zapak, as many people might know, is an Indian gaming site that offers both paid and free games online. It’s quite popular for its multiplayer board and betting games. Zapak is supposedly India’s largest gaming company with currently 8 million registered gamers. In addition to the PC games it also has a wap site called m.zapak.com which is a multiplayer platform for feature phones. It offers over 1200 free games and boasts of over 2 million unique visitors every single month. The free games are divided into sections and one can sign up to receive updates to their collection via Email.


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