30+ Best Sites for Free Online Games

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23. Miniclip:


Founded in 2001, Miniclip still hasn’t lost its charm and continues to rule the roost in browser based gaming even today. Miniclip hosts over 800 games, with new ones released every week ensuring fresh content. With more than 100 million game players per month, Miniclip reaches across online, mobile and social platforms. Miniclip develops, publishes and distributes games across multiple platforms and devices. Their games can be played on Apple, Android, Windows platforms, Nokia, Facebook and Miniclip.com. Popular games include Commando 2 and Fragger (iOS) and Anagram Magic.



24. Evil Player:


Evil Player – Hell bent on free games. Nope. I didn’t make it up, though I kinda wish I did. It’s their site caption and one they intend to live upto by offering truckloads of free games. From nonsensical to naughty, they got every casual game genre covered including ‘Guitar games’, something I hadn’t seen before on other online game sites. All in all a great selection of free games.



25. Cool Math Games:


Think games are just a way to kill idle time?…Think again. This site has a collection of games to increase your math skills and learn as you play. It also happens to be the most popular educational website in the U.S. and, during school time, it’s also one of the most popular gaming sites! There are many categories to choose from including Science, Logic, Memory, Board, , Jigsaw Puzzles, Mazes etc.



26. Girls Go Games:


Now here’s a site that aims to cater exclusive to the fairer sex and says as much on their homepage. It boasts about having the best selection of games for girls that you will find anywhere on the web. Selections include cooking games, room makeover games, music games, princess games and animal games that let you use your imagination. Games for girls?..Bring it on.



27. Y8:


Y8 offers a decent selection of free online games and there’s one for everyone with their list ranging from Shooters to games for girls. They offer Mini Flash games, Shockwave 3D games, HTML5 games, Android games, Java games all of which are free to play and download.



28. Primary Games:


With over 1,000 flash game titles and growing Primary Games has the largest collection of cool games for kids online. Each game is reviewed to ensure that is is kid safe.  They also feature Virtual World games like Fantage, Club Penguin, OurWorld, and Disney Fairies: Pixie Hollow on their site. They also boast a large collection of holiday games, crafts, coloring pages, postcards and stationery for many holidays.



29. Rock Solid Arcade:


Rock Solid Arcade, from the makers of Bulletproof Arcade,  has only a few games listed on the main page (with many of them having to do with fighter jets) but in this case quality trumps quantity as all their games play well and are quite addictive. The graphics are also quite refined and look  and play much better than your average flash game. They also dabble in RPG from the banners on their home page..check out Robokill2 while you’re there.



30. Agame:


Play,Rate and Share on social networks all the games you like or play on agame.com and when you’ve played everything check the links they put up to other free online game sites at the bottom of their page so you never run out of free games to play!



31. Living Dead Games:


Are you a zombie game fanatic always hungry for some undead carnage? Well living dead games got you covered. They’ll feed you with a torrent of zombie and undead games. It’s the only game site where I’d seen ‘Buried’ as a category. Head over there, grab a shotgun and shoot some zombies in the head.



32. Gamesgames:


Ok, if you’re looking for games, you can’t go wrong with a site named gamesgames.com :D   They’ve got games on genres ranging from cooking to shooting including family favourites and puzzle games like mahjong. They claim they got games for everyone from kids to grandparents and I don’t see a reason to dispute that claim. Great for kids adults alike.



33. My Play City:


Myplaycity offers an enormous selection of over 800 free downloadable games and online games with astonishing graphics, original gameplay and unique features! Choose the games you like, download them and Play! All games from MyPlayCity.com are totally free and have NO time limits. They provide only free legal full version games by tying up with sponsors. You can sign up using your email and they send a few new games every week. Once you download a game. it’s free forever. (When starting a game, it asks you to install a searchbar and  you just have to untick that option and start playing). Some great titles include Astro Avenger 2 (*highly recommended), Farm Frenzy, Star Defender 2 and Road Attack.




I’ve compiled this list of game sites after searching and researching for the best free games and game sites online and playing a few games from each site I found. All combined, they host any kind of game you can think of – from ultra casual minute-killers to sagas that sprawl across levels and galaxies. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did making it. Armed with this arsenal of  sites, you’ll never get bored or go searching for games again.

If you feel like suggesting a great site that I’d missed or if you want your own site to show up in future posts I do, use the comments section below.

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