25+ Best Zombie Games for Android & iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)

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Best Zombie Games for Android & iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch): With rapid ongoing increment in smartphone users, there is an increment going on in the developers count as well. This is directly resulting in the introduction of new apps in app store of any particular OS. Talking about the Android and iDevices- iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch- the customer base is increasing like a fire, and so the developer base, and ultimately, the apps count in iTunes and Google Play. Installing apps and games on any smartphone is the best way to enhance its capability, to bring life in it. But, ‘what apps and games to install’ is the question asked by every second smartphone user. Count of such users is more in case of Android and iOS, as there are plenty of apps and games available in Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

Are you also one out of those Android and/or iOS users who are interested in downloading some games on their device, but are not sure about which games to download? The only solution for you is ‘research’, but I know, most of you’d not do it, as it’s damn time consuming. So lemme tell you alternate. The alternate is to read out this complete article ahead, as I am listing the 25+ best Zombie games for Android & iOS i.e. iPad and iPhone.


Best Zombie Games for Android


Zombie Dash


Zombie Dash


The first in this list of best Zombie Games for Android, is ‘Zombie Dash’. This is exciting running and shooting game. Your city is surrounded by hungry zombies. In order to save yourself, you have to run, run and run. While running, you have to kill the zombies as well. You can kill the zombies by using the gun or can also jump on their head to make them history. While running, many coins and powers-ups come in the way to keep the game interesting.




Zombies are coming close to city. The people are in immense worry, but thanks to Empress who sacrificed her life to make protective barrier on the sacred gate. Protection of the sacred gate is now your duty. There are thousands of zombies, but you are alone. The one side is heavier than the other. Make your side equally heavy by calling farmers, warriors, archers.


Plants vs. Zombies


This is one of the most famous zombies game available for Android. Choose from 49 zombie-zapping plants, and defend against 26 zombies who want to  break down your door. You need to be smart in thinking, fast in work, so as to do the task that you are supposed to do. You can download Plants vs. Zombies from this link.


Zombie, Run!


Just imagine you are in a city full of zombies! Experience this feel by playing this game on your Android device. One quite interesting about this game is that it uses your device’s GPS to trace your location, and then give you a map, that is actual map of city you are located at. This pretty interesting thing makes the game more realistic. The red and green virtual zombies are shown on the map. Your task is to stay safe from them, and make them history by playing the game smartly.


Stupid Zombies

Zombies want to rule the human race. For this, they are killing humans and are eating their brains. Stupid Zombies, indeed! Before their stupidity cross all limits, shot them dead. Of course, they are not as easy to make dead, as it sounds. Therefore, you need to play smartly.


Dead on Arrival


There is dead scene in city. Bomb blasted here two days ago. You’re in hospital, but sadly, a locked hospital. The only way to unlock rooms is by killing zombies for cash. Use the weapons with you to kill zombies.

Contract Killer : Zombies (NR)


This first-person shooting game for Android is damn addictive. Your task is to detect the zombies near to you, aim them, and then shot them dead right away! For this, you are blessed with a deadly gun, which if pointed at the right target, can kill any creature in no time.


Kill Zombies Now- Zombie games


Yet anther zombie game which you are required to do both the defense, and fight. You have got deadly weapons with you. Right use of weapons can help you making the zombies history.


Zombie Frontier


T viruses have spread all over the world. People are getting affected from it, and are turning into zombies. Become the survivor and fight against the zombies. Kill them or they will kill you. Only one party can survive.


Zombie Smasher


Yet another addictive zombie game available for Android devices. The zombies are all set to cover your town, but you should kill them before they do so. Just tap on the screen of your Android device to smash the zombies. Smash them all before they break down your door.


Zombie Evil


This is one of the finest zombies shooting game available for Android. The game will take you to 2013 B.C, where a foolish doctor, Dr. Evil, has marked the zombies as ‘ideal’ species. He has created a big army of zombies, and is against the humans. It’s time for you to become survivor, to kill the zombies, and to bring an end to ego of foolish doctor.


Zombie Farm


Become a zombie farmer by playing this game. Your work is just like a normal farmer. Yeah, plow the soil and plant seeds. Apart from zombies, you can plant onions, corn and other crops as well. Since the zombies will take time to grow, so you should be patient enough to have fun in this game. Once the zombies are grown, use them for invasion in the city.


Zombie Road Trip


Either escape the zombie horde or have your brain eaten- there is no other rule there in this game. Use impressive arsenal of weapons and shot the zombies dead. Keep playing the game to earn points. When you have enough points, use them to buy more impressive weapons. The game is more fun when you buy the stuff using your hard-earned points.


Zombies Live


This text-based massive multiplayer online role playing game is one of the best zombies game available in Google Play. In this game, you can play role of zombie, something that you might have dreamed of. You start game as low-level zombie. Devour the human flesh to take your power up. The small missions assigned to you in this game, keep the fun level up.


SAS: Zombie Assault 3


This is Co-op multiplayer Zombie shooting game, that has been downloaded and admired by many Android users so far. The game is pretty impressive, not only in terms of its story, but also in terms of graphics. You can have a great fun while playing this game on your Android device.


Zombie Diary: Survival


This game takes you back to 2013 B.C. Zombies rule the world. World is nothing less than a hell, and is not good for humans. You are only survivor in this game, and being so, it’s your task to kill all the zombies. If you don’t do so, they will kill you. So you are in do or die situation. Play the game smartly, make perfect use of weapons so that all zombies can be killed, and hence world can be saved.

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Best Zombie Games for iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)


Dead Trigger


Most of the Zombie games listed above, are available for iOS devices as well. Most of developers make there apps/games available for both of these major mobile OS. Apart from the above ones, there are some more interesting zombie games available for iOS. Do check out the below list.




The best thing about this game is its graphics, which are just incredible. In this game, you are assigned many missions which you must complete in any way. The missions vary from stopping zombies to killing them. You are rewarded some cash on completing a mission.You can use this virtual money to buy deadly weapons, and to bring more fun in the game.


Call of Duty: Zombies


Enter into the virtual world of fun by playing this game on your iOS device. The zombies in this game are deadly, and so you are. You have got impressive weapons, which when used, create a deadly scene with awesome sound effects. I bet that you will get addicted to this game from the first play itself. Sadly, this game is a paid one. But believe me, it’s worth of its price.


Call of Mini: Sniper


Use rockets, guns and other deadly weapons so that the zombies can be made dead. Don’t think it i any easy thing to do. The zombies are stubborn and powerful. They are even more powerful than you. Buy hey! Come on, it’s not the power that matters, but the way you utilize it. Show the zombies that you can utilize the power more effectively than them. Zombies boast about their power a lot. Bring an end to their ego. Can you?


Zombie Infection


The next one in this list of best zombie games for iOS, is the ‘Zombie Infection’. The most admirable parts of this game are its graphics and concept. This is one of the most interesting third-person zombie shooter games available for iOS. You are on your way to complete a mission assigned to you, but it seems as the zombies have some problem in it. They work as obstacles in your way. Kill them, blow them! Keep your way clean!


Running Dead


This game comes with 2 environments, 8 weapons, 5 characters, land mines and the fabulous Savior Shot. Many zombies are there to disturb you on your way, and many are there that keep chasing you. Kill the ones that come in your way, and run fast to be safe from those who are chasing you.


Zombie Highway


In this game, you are a passenger who is heavily armed. Against you, there is super-strong team of zombies who have no work to do, but only to chase you, to disturb you in your way. The zombies want to crash your trip, but on the contrary, you should try to escape from them. To start-off, you are armed with impressive weapons, but the more incredible weapons are locked. They can be unlocked by using points, which you can earn with your good gameplay.


Zombies: The Last Stand (Lite)


This game comes with 25 increasingly difficult missions and 3 maps. Each time you kill any zombie, you are rewarded some crash prize. Keep killing them and earning cash. When you get good cash in your hand, spend it to buy locked weapons. The locked ones are far better than the ones you get at the start of game. You are free to move anywhere in the 3D environment. The 3D sound effects make this game interesting.


Free 2 Die


This game comes from the house of Everplay Interactive, and is surely one among the best zombie games available for iOS devices. It runs from isometric top down perspective. Your task here is to either kill the zombies or get killed by them. Of course, if you don’t do the former, then you are doing the latter job unknowingly.


Into the Dead


Into the Dead has been the favorite zombie game of many iOS users ever since its launch. The game comes with many locked stuff, that you can unlock with your awesome gameplay.


Dead On Sight


This game has been released recently. The early reviews of this game coming from its users, give the feeling that it could become the best zombie game for iOS. You start off in the town of Resurrection, where quite surprisingly, the dead have risen from their graves. They are now creating problems for humans. You are required to play the role of survivor, and to fight against the undead people. Your task is to help people escape from the town. Can you do it?

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That’s it, we are done with our list of the best Zombie games available for Android and iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch running on iOS operating system. If I’ve missed any ‘must-not-miss’ Zombie game in this list, then share it with our readers in the comments, we would like to give it a try. Thanks for reading, I will see you in my next post :) .

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