25+ Best Facebook Extensions for Google Chrome

25+ Best Facebook Extensions for Google Chrome: Enhance Your Facebook Experience with these Cool Google Chrome Extensions: Everybody uses Facebook. Almost all love Google Chrome. So it’d be a delightful experience to use Chrome ... Continue Reading →
Google Chrome PDF

How to Download Websites / Webpages as PDF in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the best Web Browser till date. Why? Because it provides a ton of features and numerous function to the users. It holds up many important works within its features and functionality. Many of the users don’t know how to ... Continue Reading →
Delta Search

How to Remove Delta Search from Google Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer

Delta Search is one kind of Virus that can be installed with a software directly. This kind of virus comes along with a free software or programs which we are being downloading from the Web. Delta Search is of no use and it replaces your home ... Continue Reading →

How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

A Toolbar is an add-on provided by many software to bring up some kind of extended functionality on your browser. Some people find it as a very useful tool while some gets annoyed of such Toolbar. This Toolbar comes along with a software or ... Continue Reading →
Google Chrome Games 2013

20 Best Google Chrome Games 2013

Google Chrome is not just a normal browser but you can play games and run apps as well. Just open a new tab and click on the right headed arrow to open the extension tab. Now click on Chrome Web Store there. All the apps and games you will install ... Continue Reading →

Download Google Chrome 22 Stable Version Full Offline / Standalone Installer (Setup File)

Google Chrome 22 stable or final version has just been released officially through their stable channel of the browser and is now available for download for all the supported platforms. The exact version is 22.0.1229.79 and it is now available ... Continue Reading →

How to Delete All Your Facebook Messages with Just One Click ? [Chrome Extension]

Do you want to delete or remove all your Facebook messages instantly with just one click ? There comes some times when we have to get rid of all our messages present in our Facebook accounts, so that you can either erase up your old memories ... Continue Reading →

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