Delta Search

How to Remove Delta Search from Google Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer

Delta Search is one kind of Virus that can be installed with a software directly. This kind of virus comes along with a free software or programs which we are being downloading from the Web. Delta Search is of no use and it replaces your ... Continue Reading →

How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

A Toolbar is an add-on provided by many software to bring up some kind of extended functionality on your browser. Some people find it as a very useful tool while some gets annoyed of such Toolbar. This Toolbar comes along with a software or ... Continue Reading →
Firefox 20

Download Firefox 20.0 Stable Version

Mozilla has just released the final stable version of Firefox 20, after many nightly and beta versions. This new version of the popular Firefox web browser brings a few new features along with some improvements and changes to the software. From ... Continue Reading →

Use Facebook Messenger within Firefox Browser to Chat with Your Friends without Opening

An in-built Facebook Messenger was included by default in Mozilla Firefox 17, which is right now the latest version of this popular web browser for computer operating systems. It was already mentioned in my previous post about Firefox 17, that ... Continue Reading →

Download Firefox 17 Final Version for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Things are coming up fast from the folks over there at Mozilla, as the final version of Firefox 17 has already been made available for download through the official website of the developer. They released the stable version of Firefox 16 in ... Continue Reading →

Free Download Firefox 15.0 for Windows, Mac OS & Linux

Mozilla has finally released out the final version of Firefox 15 just recently with a numerous amount of new features, improvements, changes and bug fixes. Luckily, we are getting to see brand new features in each latest version of Firefox browser ... Continue Reading →

How To Play Angry Birds Online

If you are a fan of playing games, while on the move, then you must be familiar with this most addictive game, Angry Birds. This games is popular world wide and everyone gets addicted of it after the first play. Well, if you have not played ... Continue Reading →

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