Download All Facebook Memes (Pictures)

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Before starting with, let me ask you a simple question. What do you like most in Facebook? What makes you open the website daily and stay glued to it? New members in the FB world will answer it an feature of ‘Facebook’ such as ‘Chat’, ‘Friends’. Those who are in this virtual world of fun for long, must answer it as Memes.

Memes are what make the Facebook a hell lot of fun. Millions of users and pages share many Memes (pictures) daily. You might be one of them, are you? Anyway, from the count of tens of thousands, a few memes have crossed the limit of popularity. Those memes have become so popular that you will find them in every second or third post of your friend or of any FB page.

Those who are curious to know about the top Facebook memes and are interested in download them, just do check out the list below.

Download Best Facebook Memes (Pictures)

Yao Ming Face / Bitch Please

Bitch Please

This is undoubtedly the most popular FB meme. This is contour drawing of Yao Ming, a professional basketball player. This funny meme is used to express dismissive attitude in any particular situation.

Trollface / Coolface / Problem?


This funny face expression taken from Rage Comics has become very popular on FB. The face shows the same expression that someone does in real while trolling others.

Forever Alone

Forever Alone

This face character is also viral on FB. It expresses the loneliness of life. Azuul of FunnyJunk is said to be the first user who uploaded this picture.

‘Y U NO’ Guy

Y U No

This Meme is used to bring attention of a particular person/group on any particular issue. Many images are uploaded daily on Facebook by adding different suffixes to this SMS shorthands text.

Me Gusta

Me Gusta

‘Me Gusta’ is Spanish word which in English means ‘I Like it’. So this face expression tells about one’s approval on any situation, mostly an awkward situation.

Not Bad

Not Bad

Typical face expression by Barack Obama was captured on press photograph. The black and white conversion of that face expression is used on Facebook. This is used in the situation when something went better than expected.

Okay Guy

Okay Guy

The guy that says ‘Okay’ in every situation. This typical face expression is used in undesirable problem and for negative reply. Like the above ones, this Memes is also used in many FB images daily.

You Don’t Say?

You Don't Say

The contour drawing of Nicolas Cage is very popular on Facebook nowadays. This popular meme is used in the situations where any statement is already expected (known), but is told in the way by other person in the way that is like any ‘Surprise’. This typical face picture express the  sarcastic response in such situations.

My Brain is Full of F**k

My Brain is Full of Fck

This contour drawing of Jackie Chan is used in the ‘Stupid’ situations. The situations in which the mind gets fu***d by any stupid statement, situation.

NO. Rage Face

NO Rage Face

This typical facial expression is used to dismiss idea of someone else. This is used to show irritation of any person’s idea, and to reject it completely.

F*ck Yea

Fck Yea

This meme expresses the situations in which one feels awesome due to any reason. Particularly in the situations in which you achieve more than you expect/desire.

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

This meme is used to express the feeling that speaker is ready to accept the task assign to him/her. Speaker is accepting the task as challenge, and is full of enthusiasm to complete that task, however difficult it is.

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