Download Best Valentine’s Day HD Wallpapers for Your Desktop PC

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The days are passing and the date for the valentine’s day is coming near. The excitement is at its best, and everyone is setting up the things to propose one’s love on this official day for the same.

While on other side most youths are excited for Valentine’s Day, I am not in their queue. Why Should I be? I am like Forever alone! Anyways, I hope you are not like me and are full ready to tell your crush that how deeply you love him/her. You might be thinking to propose on the knees with a red rose in your hands. Yeah, that poor old 80′s bollywood films’ style.

The Valentine’s Day must be like a never-forgettable experience for you. Ahh! not by getting slapped from your crush, but by setting up the romantic environment in which each thing, live or dead, spreads love.

To achieve this goal, why don’t start from something that you use daily? Something that you can’t live without? Yeah, your PC/Laptop is what I am talking about. There are many wallpapers related to valentine’s day, that you can find on the waves of web and can download for free. Here is the list of 10 best Valentine’s Day HD Wallpapers for your desktop PC.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Let your computer wish Happy Valentine’s day. Good for me as no one is going to wish me the same. Thank God, my computer is loyal. In fact, thanks to this wallpaper that makes my computer so.

The message is not written in any random text, but in the beautifully designed heart. Ahh! not the real human heart, that’s wired! The light red background of the wallpaper makes it more attractive and better explanatory.

Happy Valentine's Day

Beautiful Couple

Young boy and girl are in their own world. They don’t know what’s happening around them. The only thing that they know is love and love. This is what happens with every love couple on the day of Valentine.

In fact, this is called true love that get lost in own world, the world of love. Though the couple in this picture is not real one, but beautifully sketched one. It’s better than real one, as purpose of applying this wallpaper is making your computer represent love on Valentine’s Day, and this wallpapers clears the purpose. Come on, now stop staring the couple. Let them enjoy their world. Do not Disturb!!

Beautiful Couple

Be Mine ?

Simply best and cute. Dare to ask your cruse whether he/she will be yours or not? Perhaps you are afraid of getting slapped. Good Reason! But thank God that the pictures can’t get slapped, and if they can, they don’t hurt you.

Send this wallpaper to your crush. The moment he/she applies in on the computer, your question pops up. Be Mine ? Well, don’t complain me if the answer is not in your favor.

Be Mine

Happy Valentines

Those who live on the ideology of ‘Keep it Simple Silly’, just go with this one. Simple design with message or say purpose of the wallpaper being clearly visible. The big font and white background make it look clear, while the numerous hearts make it spread love. Perfect Combination!

Happy Valentines

Feel Like Heaven

Well, when your partner is with you, then why to worry about anything. Your love can cut the ropes of all problems. So just dive into the sea of love with your partner and feel like heaven. Heaven on earth. Well, I don’t know about you, but this sketched couple in this wallpaper is surely feeling the heaven on earth. If you can’t feel it in real, feel it virtually by downloading this wallpaper.

Feel Like Heaven

Shadow of Love Couple

Another wallpaper with love couple in it. This time, only shadow of love couple. The shadow is there in the heart. This one seems to be a mature couple. The pink color used in the background makes the wallpaper set the romantic environment while working with your PC.

Shadow of Love Couple

Teddy Bear  Couple

Enough wallpapers of human love couple. Switch to Teddy Bear couple now. Both are cute and hold the ‘Love’ sign with them. Seems like they love each other a lot. They don’t only love each other, but also advising you to fall in the sea of love. Can you get convinced by this lovely couple?

Hearts Everywhere

Hearts Everywhere

Download this picture and convert each pixel of your desktop to reflect love. The wallpaper has got many heart pics in it that you will see one at each pixel of your screen. This is called spreading love in true sense. One more benefit is if you are getting bored, then you can count the hearts. Can you count? Start it straight away. Well, if you count, then I am pretty sure that you are with me in the queue of bloody ‘Single’ people. Shake hands!

Chocolaty Heart

Chocolaty Heart

This is just amazing. This is perfect for foodies like me. Bring water in your mouth by setting this picture as your desktop background. The beautifully designed heart, being diving in the milk, clears the purpose of using it as desktop background. So two benefits in single. Grab them by downloading this wallpaper right away.

Chocolaty Heart

Valentine’s Day Card

The most common way to propose on Valentine’s Day, is by sending card with love messages written in it. This wallpaper reflects the same commonly used method. Not only this wallpaper enhances your desktop’s background, but also reminds you this common way. This way of proposing is like a last-ditch option for many, while good alternate for the people who dare to propose in face-to-face talk.

Valentine's Day Card

So it was the list of best Valentine’s Day HD Wallpapers for your desktop. Just Right Click on any picture, click ‘Save Image As’ and download it to your computer. So which one is your favorite among the list? Let us know about it by your comments in the comment box below.

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