Download UC Browser for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista)

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Download UC Browser for PC and Laptop (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista): In this rapidly growing technological world, Internet has become a basic need of life. The importance or say addiction of Internet is cleared from the fact that many people can live without a food for day, but a day without Internet is impossible to live for them. I am not saying this, but a recently conducted survey says so. If you are also one of those many Internet addicts, then you must be having the Internet service on your mobile, right? In fact, it is the mobile Internet that makes us possible to use the Internet anywhere and at anytime. Agree? You must be!

Talking about the mobile Internet, the wreath for amazing experience or in better words  – desktop type experience – goes to the mobile browsers. Most of the smartphones getting launched nowadays, come with good preloaded browsers, but still, they are not admired by the users. Instead, the users love to use the third-party mobile browsers. Why? The answer is simple- the third-party mobile browsers offer many amazing features, and better overall experience than pre-installed browsers. When we talk about the third-party mobile browsers, it is the UC Browser that shines at the top of list. This highly popular mobile browser has been admired by all users who have used it.
UC Browser

UC Browser is meant for mobile phones only. There are many people who demand UC Browser for PC. They always keep searching on web for the same. If you are one of them, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, I will provide the link to download UC Browser for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista). But before that, allow me to share small info about UC Browser.

What is UC Browser?


UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the best mobile browsers available today. This browser is available for almost every major mobile OS. With good features and simple-to-use nature, this mobile browser has become favorite of millions. For many people, this mobile browser is responsible for bringing the desktop type web experience on mobile.


Features of UC Browser


Hell lot of features of UC Browser are what convince every mobile user to download UC Browser. Talking about the features of UC Browser, the best is the ‘speed’ that it offers just like Google Chrome, Firefox etc. UC Browser is best known for providing the fast Internet experience on mobile. It reduces the size of web pages, which results in 80 percent faster browsing than what you get in any other mobile browser. Not only browsing, but it offers good downloading speed as well. Parallel download features lets you download more than one file at the same time. You can save bookmarks, can copy-paste text in UC Browser. Other features of this incredible mobile browser include- auto-fill, password manager, direct access to app stores, favorites, switching between desktop and mobile website etc.


Download UC Browser for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista)


So, desperate to download the UC Browser for your PC or laptop? The UC Browser is available for Windows 7, XP, 8 and Vista. UC Browser for PC is available as .exe file, so there is no need of any addition software, emulator to run UC Browser on PC. The UC Browser for PC supports all those features which the mobile version does. If you have PC running Windows 7/XP/Vista, then you can download UC Browser for it, by clicking the below link.

Download UC Browser for Windows 7/XP/Vista

If you have Windows 8 on your PC, then you can download UC Browser from the below link.

Download UC Browser for Windows 8

The UC Browser available for Windows 7/XP/Vista, is in the Chinese language, which is the only drawback. If you don’t have any problem with this, then you should be fine with the UC Browser that you downloaded by clicking the link provided above. However, if you don’t want to deal with Chinese language, and want UC Browser English version, then you should read out the next section.


How to Run UC Browser (English Version) on PC


  • To do this, you need an emulator called ‘BlueStacks’. So first of all, download this emulator. Download it from here.
  • This emulator allows us to run the Android apps on Windows based PC. So obviously, the next step is to download the Android version of UC Browser. You can do so by heading to Google Play.
  • The alternate way of last step is that you can search for UC Browser within the BlueStacks, and then select the appropriate app from the search results. This way is better than the last one, because in it, the BlueStacks will download and install the UC Browser itself. If you don’t wish to opt like this, then you should keep reading ahead.
  • Once you have Android version of UC Browser in your PC, all you need to do is to run it with BlueStacks. Yeah, use the ‘Open With’ command that comes by right-clicking on any particular file, which is UC Browser apk file in this case.
  • Enjoy using the UC Browser English Version on your Windows operating system based computer (desktop or laptop).


Saiyan is a technology tweaker and geek ever since his birth. He loves playing with all kinds of gadgets and likes tweaking with computer programs & software.


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    Uc browser is very fast browser and very sufficient to use.

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