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Dragon Ball Z for PC – Download DBZ Game for PC: Dragon Ball Z, often abbreviated as DBZ is a popular anime series that features super powered characters fighting against evil forces for the protection of earth . The series is probably the most popular animated series on the planet and needs little introduction. DBZ captured the interest of kids and teens alike when it was released and still holds its sway in today’s entertainment environment.

DBZ spawned innumerable games, videos, off-shoots, spin-offs, merch. lines in its wake. According to some search engine statistics, the term “Dragonball Z“, ranked 4th in 1999 and 2nd in 2000 by Lycos’ web search engine. For 2001, “Dragonball” was the most popular search on Lycos and “Dragonball Z” was fifth on Yahoo. So this gives us an idea as to how popular the anime series is. Many games that came out based on the popular series are themselves quite popular.

Some of those popular titles were released for the Gameboy Advance (GBA) and were big hits. In this post, I show you how to play some of those DBZ titles on your PC.

DBZ Screenshot1


Dragon Ball Z for PC


I will show you two different ways to get a dose of DBZ gaming goodness on your PC. The first method allows you to play GameBoy Advance DBZ games on your PC so you could revisit all those great titles on your PC. The second way introduces you to e brand new DBZ game that is made just for the PC.


[1] Play GameBoy Advance Dragon Ball Z games on PC :

Here I will show you how to play DBZ games released on the GameBoy Advance console on your PC.

We need 3 things to play DBZ games in this method :

1. A computer (Windows) to run the games.

2. An emulator for the GBA console.

3. ROMs for the Dragon Ball Z  game.

Before we go ahead and see the process of playing DBZ games on your PC, you should be familiar with the following terms :


Emulation: The process of simulating hardware of one machine on another, so in our case, playing GBA games on your PC. So in essence, we try and create the GBA environment on the PC so as to make a game (here it’s DBZ games) released on the GBA run on our computer by tricking the game into thinking it’s running on an actual GameBoy Advance.

ROM/ISO: The image of the actual game; for example: Dragon Ball Z – Buu’s Fury. This is basically a file that has been converted from a game cartridge or CD so that you can run it on your computer. Here we need the DBZ games released on the GameBoy Advance in the form or ROM files.

Emulator: A software program that allows you to run GBA game images (ROMs/ISOs) on your computer by the process of emulation. In the present context the emulator we use to recreate/reproduce GBA games on our PC is called Visual Boy Advcance.

Now that you know the important terms follow the steps below.

*Note that the download and use of certain ROMs on a PC might be against the legal terms of usage. So please refer to the game’s legal standing before you proceed with downloading any file.


Step 1: Choose and Download an Emulator

You can download a compatible GBA emulator for PC by searching for them on Google. Just type “GBA Emulator” and you get tons of links where you can download an emulator. For your convenience we have included a direct link for a compatible emulator called ‘Visual Boy Advance’ (VBA) below. We recommend using VBA for your GBA emulation needs. However you can use other emulators of your choice too.



Step 2: Choose and Download ROMs/ISOs
Now you’re going to download the actual game files. In the same way you downloaded the emulator, you can download numerous GBA ROMs for PC by searching for them on Google.  Just type “GBA ROMs” and you get tons of links where you can download various GBA games in the form of imgae files named ROMs. In the present case you’d search “DBZ GBA ROMs” All the sites that carry the Dragon Ball Z game ROMs will be listed. Choose one to start downloading your favorite DBZ games for playing on PC. For your convenience we have included direct links for a few popular DBZ titles below this post.

dbz gba


Step 3: Install/Extract Emulator and ROMs/ISOs
If the files are in .zip, .rar or .7z format, you will need an extraction utility, such as WinRAR (Windows), 7-Zip (Windows) or The Unarchiver (Mac) to extract them. Install the emulator first and try to load the ROM from the menu, if it doesn’t work then try to Unzip the archived ROM files and load again. This is required as a few emulators recognize ZIP,RAR files and don’t need you to unzip them to play. However check before you proceed.


Step 4: Play Your Game!
Finally! Now all you have to do is run your emulator’s executable file, load your ROM, and begin playing! Please consult the emulator’s manual for controls, configurations, and FAQs.

dbz gba2


Done. Have fun battling it out using your favorite characters in the DBZ universe.


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Graphics and Gameplay :

Ok. Since you’re playing old GBA titles on your PC, the graphics do seem a little outdated to say the least. Sure. But if you enjoy playing old school retro titles or just want to relive those happy days of playing DBZ on your GBA console these games will do a good job of achieving that. The emulation itself is pretty well handled by the VBA. Assign your keys through the configuration panel and you’re set to play. We provided direct links for 3 of the DBZ games below to get you started. Download & Install the emulator and load the ROMs from the given links and you are good to go.

dbz gba3


Download Links :  Visual Boy Advance | DBZ – Buu’s Fury | DBZ – The Legacy Of Goku | DBZ – Supersonic Warriors

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[2] Play Earth’s Special Forces – A Dragon Ball Z game specially made for PC! :


Earth’s Special Forces is a Dragon Ball Z game made especially for the PC. It is actually a half-life mod that allows you to play as a DBZ character and execute all kinds of crazy moves you would come to expect to be present in a Dragon Ball Z game.

ESF/DBZ Screenshot2

ESF is a really cool multiplayer game ala Counter Strike that gives you the option to brawl it out with fellow players online. You can play in multiplayer matches featuring players from all around the world. The game features some great destructible environments so not only can you beat up your opponent but you can break towers, buildings, mountains etc with your raging power blasts. You can perform most of the moves that you’ve seen your favorite characters perform in the Dragon Ball Z animated series. More features and powers are being added as I write this.

Do not miss this game if you ever enjoyed the DBZ series and would like to try a game based on the series. Each animation in the game is painstakingly created and each movement amazingly put together, so ESF plays quite fluidly with almost no glitches.

Here’s a brief blurb from the makers’ site to let you know what’s in the game:

You can do almost anything ranging from recreating your favorite battles to purely beating each other up in one-on-one combat.

Features of the game include: Melee and Energy attacks, Flying, Powering up, Running, Swimming, Jumping and even Transforming into Super Saiyans etc!

There will be three game modes in Earth’s Special Forces:

  • Deathmatch: For all on all mayhem
  • Team Deathmatch: For some Good vs Evil fun
  • Capture the Dragonballs (CTDB): Because who doesn’t want a magical dragon to grant them wishes.

ESF/DBZ Screenshot4

Each character will be unique. They will have their own signature moves and have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example one may be be better at melee but have a lower ki reserve, while another will be their opposite.

ESF is a difficult game to master but once you get the hang of it, you will be in for the time of your life brawling it out with your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters.

ESF/DBZ Screenshot3

ESF also has a forum where the players meet and you can ask for any clarifications, game info, battle tricks etc there.

So what are you waiting for? Download this awesome game now and start beating the hell out of each other in the DBZ universe. There are many players online so all you have to do is load the game and search for a player to duke it out with.

ESF/DBZ Screenshot5

Download Links : ESF Game Download


So choose which versions of the game you like the best and proceed to battle. KAAMEHAAMEHAAA!

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Comment below if you liked the article or if you want to suggest other readers a good DBZ game to play.


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