Samsung Galaxy S4 Review – Specs, Release Date & Price [Official]

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Here I’m with the review of latest android smartphone out in the market which was the most expected one. Yes you’ve guess it correct as I’m here with the Galaxy S4 review. You can also read the comparison between Galaxy S4 vs Note 2.

First Impression

The first impression I got when I took the smartphone was, “it’s all same!” Yes, Samsung has provided the latest 8 core processor but the design and other features are all identical of Galaxy S3. So the device has nothing to impress me as I always look to have at design first then the hardware and software.

Now let me take you to the review directly.

Galaxy S4 Hands On


If you want to buy a device to watch videos and for playing games then Samsung has provided you the best. As it has a big display and the design is simple but not unique as it is identical to Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S4 Back

I didn’t have enough time to play with the device but Samsung helped me to know everything in just 5 min as the design was just the same. Samsung had launched the device in White and Black color but it will be provided with some more colors later.


As expected the device has 8 core processor, thanks to the new Exynos 5 Octa chipset. The CPU is added with PowerVR GPU as well to provide the best graphics performance. It has got the 2GB RAM providing the required memory to the CPU for proper functioning and the minimum internal storage offered is the 16GB. So, this section has some fresh stuff (an 8 core processor).


The display size measures about 4.99 inch (almost 5 inch ~ Phablet) diagonally with full HD resolution of 1080×1920 pixels having the pixel density of 441 ppi. It features multi touch and protected with the Gorilla Glass 3. So, Samsung has not launched a new smartphone rather it’s a new Phablet.


The device measures 13.6 mm long, 69.8 mm wide and just 7.9 mm thick. So here the Samsung had done some good home work keeping the device thick. It weighs about 130 gram.


The device has got 13MP rear camera with face detection, smile detection, image stabilization, HDR, touch focus, geo tagging and simultaneous video and image recording features. The camera is capable of recording full HD videos at 30 fps quality.

The new feature that has been introduced in this device is that we can record videos or capture photos with both the cameras (rear and front) simultaneously (dual shot).

The front camera has 2MP rating that is also capable of recording full HD videos at 30 fps.


The device has been packed with latest version of android OS i.e. the Jelly Bean 4.2.2. So it has the new camera app, new keyboard with gesture typing, multi user support and all new fresh Jelly Bean apps.

Jelly Bean 4.2.2 On Galaxy S4

The home page and menu looks the same as of any Galaxy device as Samsung has not done any new customization. The apps works like a flow due to the super performing processor inside.


Samsung Galaxy S4 has the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infra Red and the NFC wireless data connectivity features. All these features are also there in the HTC One. The Wi-Fi is the dual band with Wi-Fi Direct, Hotspot and the DLNA features.

For the cable data connectivity, it has got microUSB 2.0 port with USB on the go and host features.


Samsung is going to provide the device with some fresh cellular brand and the device will be available in more new countries this time. It is capable of operating on 4G LTE, 3G HSDPA and off course the 2G cellular network standards.


The device was expected to be launched with 128GB internal storage option but it wasn’t. It has got still the same 16, 32, 64GB internal storage options and also has the expandable slot that can have microSD card of maximum 64GB storage.

Samsung should have provided at least the capability up to 128GB microSD card in the device. The device also has Dropbox integration offering 50GB cloud storage.

Now the Galaxy Features

It has got the fresh features that were introduced with the Galaxy S3 like eye tracking and natural voice language commands. Both of these features are there in this Galaxy S4 as well. No fresh feature is introduced as such.

Battery Life

Battery LifeThe device should have been provided with a more powerful battery but it has got removable battery with 2600mAh ratings. I think the features of the device won’t allow it to operate for more than 6-8 hours.

So this was all about the new I9500 Galaxy S4. It is expected the price to be around $775 but you can buy it on cheap with some contract.

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