How to Find Girls or Females on Omegle ?

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So, I have been lately using Omegle for a while now for performing random chats with other strangers or people from all around the web. I should conclude that it is really a great website to meet new people and perform text or video chat with other strangers of the whole globe but you might not know the ways to find girls or females on Omegle, right?

I often make use of this amazing website to spend my spare time while making new friends online at the same time, overall it is really a fun to use Omegle for chatting with strangers. Each time I get free time out of my study and blogging duties, I really love to spend it on either having fun on Facebook or perform random chats with other people on

So if you are one of those people who loves spending numerous amount of time chatting with other anonymous people on Omegle and meet other amazing persons, then this is going to be an interesting post for you.

Omegle Chat

To be frank, most of the people who stays online on Omegle are often found to be male, so it is very hard for guys like you and me to find girls or females and chat with them through Omegle.

If you have already tried you luck searching for girls by starting tons of random chats, but have failed to find and start even a single chat conversation with a female, then don’t worry as I’m now going to provide you some simple tips based on my own experience on how to find girls on so easily.

I’ve listed below a few things you can follow to find out and chat with girls on Omegle :

(1) You can start random text or video chats, and start asking the strangers about their gender right from the beginning. In this way, you can easily find at least one girl on Omegle without even spending much time on it. You can ask it by quoting – ‘Male or Female’ or ‘M or F’. That’s so simple and works great in some cases.

(2) Yet another way of finding girls on Omegle is to fill up your interests which you think will be common to the girls’ interests. Most of the girls likes to drawing, cooking, singing etc., so put them as your interests so that they will match up with those of a girl, and you can easily find a girl that way. Alternatively, you can also fill up your interests box as – boys and men, because the girls might have also been searching for males. That’s a simple logic, but nowadays, most of the guys have started to follow this method, so it may not work for you some times.

(3) As an alternative option, you can also use your fake (a girl’s) Facebook account which has likes that of a women or a lady. Try to explore around the profiles of a few of your female Facebook friends and watch out for what pages they are liking. According to that, put appropriate girlish likes to your Facebook account such as modeling, fashioning, studying, music, flowers, love etc. That’s it, now just go to the home page of Omegle and check in the ‘Use My Facebook Likes’ option to import your likes for finding appropriate persons i.e. girls for you right away.

That’s all I’ve had to mention or provide to you, for finding girls easily on Omegle. I hope this post and these tips will certainly help you a lot to find girls or females on so easily.

If you have any more idea, tip or solution for the same problem, then just express your views and suggestions as comments just below.

If you have not checked out this random chatting website yet now, then I will recommend you to read our previous article or review on – chat with strangers from all around the world.

PrIyAnGsHu is a 16 years old geek and techie from India. He's a gadget lover and loves to play with smartphones. You may also find him doing tweaks with WordPress pretty often. Apart from that, he's an Android fan boy who owns a Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note.


8 Responses to “How to Find Girls or Females on Omegle ?”

  1. Sugandha Agarwal

    Aug 27. 2012

    Interesting post Priyangshu :D
    well i have heard about Omegle but i haven’t used it yet!! n after reading this post i think i should check this once :P whenever i will get time i will and i have a question for you.. :P
    Tell me how many girl-friends u met on Omegle :P
    Be honest :D :P

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    • PrIyAnGsHu

      Aug 27. 2012

      To be frank, I have not enjoyed for long but still, have met tons of ladies on Omegle but most of them preferred to be anonymous with me :( .

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  2. Sugandha Agarwal

    Aug 27. 2012

    Awwww.. that’s why Facebook is best to met with unknowns and have chat and don’t forget we r also met on Facebook as unknowns and see today we became good frendz !! and remember the chat which had going on between you and me on my previous Id.??

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  3. Jake

    Dec 21. 2012

    Did everything you said.Chatted with someone from US for one hour.I forgot to ask that person’s name and when I asked I got amazed to know that it’s a male.LOL!

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  4. SHANI

    Jan 05. 2013

    Or try adding Justin Bieber on interests

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  5. Wags

    Jan 22. 2013

    It’s so stupid they can’t just add a filter for gender.

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  6. Cindy

    Feb 01. 2013

    drawing, cooking, singing? well isn’t that stereotypical.

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  7. Sagar

    Aug 04. 2013

    Are there any other sites like omegle where we can meet random people. I am talking about genuine sites. I dont care even if they are paid.

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