How to Remove Autorun Virus from Hard Disk or USB Drive

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How to Remove Autorun Virus from Hard Disk or USB Drive – Check out this guide about how to delete the Autorun.inf virus from your hard disk or USB pen drive: Are you one of those many who always complaint about the slow speed of their PC? Oh! So you boast about the good hardware features of your PC, and are wondering that why the processing speed is still slow? Come on, good hardware features is the not the only thing required to have top-notch computing experience. The software part must be of high quality as well. By high quality I mean that OS must be free from any waste files, viruses. If your PC runs slow, then it’s most likely that it has been effected with virus.


I know you can remove virus from your PC using the antivirus, but note one thing that not all type of viruses get cleaned by antivirus. Especially, the Autorun virus is what remains intact even after running the full system scan. This virus is most commonly found in USB Drive, and from there, can make entry to the hard disk as well. If you want good PC experience, then you must remove this virus from Hard Disk and USB Drive right away! Don’t know how to do so? Don’t panic! This article will teach you about it.


How to Remove the Autorun Virus – First Way!


Let me start with the most simplest method. So, here we go.


  • Open the command prompt on your PC. To do so, just type ‘cmd’ in the Windows Run dialog box.
  • In the CMD, enter “cd\” (without double quotes). It will open the  root directory of c:\,
  • Now enter the following command:

attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf




  • Press Enter and then type del autorun.inf
  • Repeat the above steps for the next drives.
  • Restart your computer. Now it’s free from Autorun virus.

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How to Delete the Autorun.inf Virus – Second Method!


Above method did not work for you? If so, then try out this alternate method.


  • Open My Computer on your PC.
  • In the toolbar, click on Tools, and then select the option named ‘Folder Options’.
  • In the Window that comes up, just head over to View tab. Select the radio button next to option that reads ‘Show hidden files and folders’. Now uncheck the checkbox next to option ‘Hide protected Operating system files’.


Hide protected Operating system files


  • Now go to intended drive. Right-click on it and select the option ‘Explore’. Here, delete the files autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs or MS32DLL.dll.
  • Delete the  MS32DLL.dll.vbs or MS32DLL.dll in the location C:\WINDOWS.
  • Now open Registry Editor by typing Regedit in the Windows Run dialog box.
  • In the left panel, you will find plenty of options to work with. Make sure you navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> Software  Microsoft >> Windows >> Current Version >> Run.
  • On navigating to the aforesaid location, you will see  MS32DLL file in the right-side pane. Right-click on it and select the option ‘Delete’.
  • Now, in the Registry Editor, on the left side panel, make sure to navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER >> Software >> Microsoft >> Internet Explorer.
  • In the just-said location, you’ll see an entry in the right panel with the name ‘Hacked by Godzilla’Delete it!
  • In the Windows Run Dialog box, type gpedit.msc to open Group Policy Editor.
  • Navigate to User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> SystemThere, enable the option ’turn off the Autoplay on all drives‘.
  • Disable the run of MS32DLL at the startup by typing msconfig in the Windows Run Dialog box.
  • Now, again go to My Computer. Select tools and then select the radio button that lies next to the option Do not show Hidden files and folders.
  • Restart your PC.


That’s it. You have successfully removed the Autorun virus from your hard drive or USB flash drive. If you are having any problem or trouble following the procedure mentioned above, then let us know about it in the comments, our experts will surely try their best to get your problem solved out. Thanks for reading, keep yourself updated with our blog for more similar updates & guides.

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