How to Run / Play iPhone Apps & Games on PC

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How to Run Android Apps on PC, How to Play Android Games on PC – Check out how you can run iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps & games on your computer or laptop for free: When we talk about the smartphone or tablet industry, the companies Apple and Google are what pop-up in the mind. Both of these companies are tough competitors, and have been serving us all for many years. It’s because of tough competition between these companies why we can see many amazing gadgets in the market today. The impact of competition has not been observed in the gadgets only, but in terms of apps and games as well. Both big fishes know it pretty well that serving good hardware only is not the key to good sales. Plenty of useful apps and games must be served as well.

Talking about the apps meant for iPhone, the count is just incredible. There are many incredible apps and games available for iPhone, which contribute a big part in making it the best smartphone line-up. Most of apps and games available for iPhone, are available for Android as well. Wait! Most of apps, not all! Anyways, have you ever wondered if there is any way to run iPhone apps and games on PC? So you say that it’s not possible? Well, sorry to tell you that you are wrong. It’s possible to run/play iPhone games and apps on PC.

iPhone Apps on PC

By the way, ability to run iPhone apps and games on PC is not anything to create surprise, If one can run Android apps and games on PC, then there must be some way to run iPhone apps and games on PC, too! Are you wondering why to know about the way to run iPhone apps on PC, when those apps are available for Android as well, and there is simple way to run them on PC? Let me recall that all games and apps available for iPhone, are not available for Android. So, it’s better to have knowledge about the procedure to run/play iPhone apps and games on PC.

I know you all are curious to know the solution of task in hand, Asking about what’s the solution?


How to Run / Play iPhone Apps & Games on PC


iPadian is an iPhone Emulator that makes it possible to run/play iPhone apps and games on PC. Just like BlueStacks lets you run Android apps on PC, this particular emulator lets you to run iPhone apps and games on PC. This emulator is used by hundreds of thousands people worldwide, so as to run their favorite iPhone apps and games on PC.


On running the iPadian on PC, it brings the iPad-like interface. Thereafter, you can run iPhone apps and games on it. There are some other software of this type available on the web, but this particular one, the iPadian is my personally favorite. Talking about its features, the major ones that I like are Full Screen preview and iPad-like interface. Other features of this emulator are - Webkit browser, Free music & videos, Custom App Store, Social Chat, Support for Facebook notification & messages, etc. All these features contribute and make iPadian the best solution of task in hand.


Using iPadian to Run iPhone Apps & Games on PC


Obviously, you must download iPadian on your PC, in order to use it. You can download iPadian from the below link.

Download iPadian

After downloading it, just extract on PC. After extracting, you will get the executable file, so simply run it. On running iPadian, you’ll get iPad-like interface on your PC. Just head over to the custom app store and run any app from there that you wish to run. Simple! Oh! Forgot to tell you that due to copyright reasons, you are limited to use iPadian’s own custom app store only. Silly drawback!

If you liked using this iOS Emulator so as to be able to run iPhone apps & games on your computer, and if you are also an Android user, then you might also like to check out this post: Best Android Emulators to Run Android Apps & Games on PC.

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