Top 10 Best Facebook Cover Photos for Love Couples – Free Download

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Social networking giant Facebook has gone so much popular that it’s not only a social networking website, it’s like a virtual house for many. It has become major mode of communication, news, staying connected, and a way to express your feelings to the whole world.

The site keeps on bringing new changes in it, and in the starting of 2012, Timeline was introduced which was not accepting by most of the users. But now, this is one of the most admired features of Facebook.

Plenty of cover photos are available for free download. The choice of cover photo depends on your mood to a large extent. If you have just got your life-partner, then you might be wishing to let the world know about it. Right?

You can do so by using the cover photos that are designed for love couples. Of course, picking one from a big crowd is not an easy task, but I am trying to make it easy for you by listing the 10 best Facebook Cover Photos for Love Couples. Here is the list.


The two words gets combined and make the one. The one in which have just fallen. The beautiful couple in this cover photo is sitting on beach. A beach where there is no worry about daily busy life. The couple is lost in its own world; world of love.


Couple in Park

The best place for young couple is the park. They can give proper time to each other while being far away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The location in this cover photo is just perfect where only young couple, beautiful leaves and scene of nature is there. All these jointly reflects love and love only, and your purpose of using this picture as your Facebook timeline cover photo.


Beautiful Animated Scene

Let the beautifully designed characters spread love in your Facebook timeline. The couple is merged into the eyes of each other. The scene is animated just perfectly. The nature seems to be at its best. The perfect environment makes the scene even more romantic.


Love you for Always

Whether it’s day or night, I would love you always! Is this what you want to do? Let other people know about strong love by using this picture as your Facebook cover photo. The beautiful couple in this image seems to be going in the lap of nature where the surrounding is green.

The lamp at the corner glows in the dark, and it appears as it’s gold that’s glowing. The couple seems to be taking oath of loving each other forever, in any situation of life. This is what we call as true love.

love you forever

First Love

Was looking for love desperately, and it last God has heard your prayer? So you got your first love? You might be thinking to let the buddies on Facebook know about it. Right? Do it by using this simple yet beautiful picture as your cover photo. Tell them that you have found your first love. Let the sketched characters do the task for you.

first love

Love you More that Anything

Your partner is friend with you on FB. He/she must be. You love him/her more than anything else in the world, and let this cover photo work as a news spreader for you. The reflection of young couple is in romantic mood. The background of the image makes it even more romantic. The text written on the top left side takes your message to your partner.


I Love My Girlfriend

No need to specify any particular name. Nothing! Use this image as your Facebook timeline cover photo to tell everyone that you love your girlfriend a lot. If your girlfriend is connected with you on FB, then it will make her happy for sure.

The good thing about using this image as your timeline cover photo is that if you have more than one girlfriend connected with you on FB, then single image will make all happy. Every girlfriend of your will think that you are expressing your love for her publicly. But you are doing to for all. Naughty! The text reading the title of this cover photo is written in a good attractive format.I_Love_My_Girlfriend

You Complete Me

Tell your partner that your life is nothing without him/her. It’s incomplete and can only be completed when he/she is with you. In those lovely situations you feel to be living in heaven.

This cover photo is just amazing to give your thoughts  a broadcast. The nicely designed boy and girl are kissing each other. The whole scene set by this image is just awesome.

On one side the kissing scene expresses love in your timeline, and the text left to it expresses your purpose of using this picture as your FB Timeline cover photo.


Fingers making ‘I Love You’

Fingers of yours and your partner are joint with each other in alternate manner. A single letter is written on each finger and jointly, the text written on fingers read as ‘I Love You’ This expresses your love towards your partner and brings a romantic environment in your timeline.


Love on Sand

Would you like to go to a beach destination and to write ‘Love’ on beach? Who does not like? Well, this may not be possible to do it actually, but at least you can do it in your FB profile by using this picture as your Timeline cover.


love on sand

So it was the list of best 10 Facebook Cover Photos for Love Couples. Valentine day is coming dear. Let your timeline make your friends aware about this. These Facebook timeline cover photos can do this for you.

An image is worth 1000 words, and when this is used as your timeline cover then the count reaches to maximum extent. Can you number it? I can’t! Weak in Maths!

Rajan is one of the contributors to the tech news & gadgets section of The Internet Buzzer. He's now a regular author of this blog.


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