Top 10 Best & Fast Torrent Clients for Windows PC & Mac OS X

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Internet is the great and best source to get your desired files. You can download almost every desired content from it. The thing that makes it possible is the ‘BitTorrent Protocol’ which is of peer to peer file sharing protocol.

I know you’re looking for best & fast torrent clients so I’m here with the right food for your breakfast.

This protocol allows the sharing of files on the web, and is best and most used protocol to share files nowadays. In order to download any file that is shared overt this protocol, you need to use any torrent client.

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The speed you get while downloading the torrent files is always less that what you get while download any normal file. The speed also depends on the client you use to download the torrent.

If you are looking for a best torrent client for your Windows PC or fast torrent client, then you’re on the right place, as I am sharing here the list of top 10 best & fast torrent clients for Windows PC & Mac. Do check out the list ahead.

Torrent Clients

10 Best & Fast Torrent Clients for Windows PC & Mac OS X


This is undoubtedly the best & fastest torrent client to download torrent. You can download multiple torrent, can search for torrent within the app, can define maximum speed to be used by the client, can stream media during the downloading and can do lots of other things in this torrent client. It is available for both Windows PC & Mac OS X.

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This torrent client is also available for Windows PC & Mac OS X. You get a good downloading and uploading speed, and best of all, a good and intuitive user interface to work on.


BitComet comes with plenty of useful features such as multiple torrent downloading, media streaming, simple user interface and the best of all, support of 52 languages.


This lightweight torrent client is very effective in its work. Multiple torrents downloading, remote monitoring, integrated torrent search engine and RSS reader, IP filtering, Torrent queueing and prioritizing etc. are some best features of this torrent client. It is available for both  Windows PC & Mac OS X.


This popular torrent client boasts almost every feature that the qBittorrent does. The best and unique part of this torrent client is that it comes with integrated HD Player to stream the downloaded media.


If you are looking for a good and simple torrent client for Mac OS X, then this is what is meant for you. It packs all those features that are more than enough to make the task of downloading torrent easy for you.


Yet another lightweight and simple-to-use torrent client that is available for both Windows PC & Mac OS X. Design-wise, the torrent client is just awesome. The only thing is that the documentation in this client is in Russian language. Not a big deal though.


This torrent client is best known for its ease of use and speed. If you are looking for a fast torrent client, then FrostWire may complete your desires. It is available for both Windows PC & Mac OS X.


Tribler boasts many features that may convince you to download this client on your Windows PC or Mac OS X. Well, it deserves to be so, but the only problem is that some of its features take time to respond. This is what may frustrate you.


The torrent client Tixati comes with Ultra-fast downloading algorithms to provide you fast downloading of torrents. RSS, IP Filtering, Event Scheduler and support for DHT, PEX, and Magnet Link are some of the best parts of this torrent client.

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Best & Fast Torrent Clients for Windows PC & Mac OS X”

  1. TinyBri's

    May 09. 2013

    Is this protocol called ‘BitTorrent protocol’ or ‘Torrent protocol’? I’m never sure about that.
    I’m not sure I know all the clients that are on the list, but I’ve certainly tried the more popular ones and wasn’t too happy with em. I tried Torch browser after a friend advised me to, and I really like it. See for yourself :-)

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  2. FreddyFish

    Jul 29. 2013

    uTorrent has lost it. They created a toolbar in their software, which is the worst idea in 2013. Software with browser toolbars should be stoned to death. Now their new version is so complicated that I can’t even get the downloading to work anymore. It doesn’t accept any torrent files. They have managed to destroy the 1 thing this software needs to do. Just 1 job.

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